Football on your Phone Tops Charts

Football on your Phone Tops Charts

Video Ad goes viral with over 7 million views

“It’s football on your phone/ So now’s your chance/ To have football on your phone/ And football in your pants” and rapping those lyrics and more, Manning brothers Eli and Peyton’s new video ad has topped all viral charts.

The Manning brothers bring a silly edge to the new ad by DirecTV’s video mobile. Wearing wigs and silly outfits while dancing and singing will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Although the lyrics are simple (yet direct), it will leave you humming the song even after the 3 minutes is up.

This video ad was very well put together, and their message that you can get “Football on Your Phone” with Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is very clear and direct.

Even if you don’t watch football, after watching this video—you will want to have football on your phone.

Football on your Phone Tops Charts
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