Jell-O Comb Over Commercial

Jell-O Comb Over Commercial

Little Boy with Comb Over: funny or creepy?

Watch this and see for yourself.

Jell-O, CP+B released their newest 45 second commercial last week, which was innovative but left me with some mixed feelings.

At first glance, it’s about a father and son enjoying Jell-O pudding, which leads into the son’s daydream having to live through his father’s kind of depressing life –with his dad’s terrible comb over and all. Yes, the comb over was funny on the kid at first, but it also looked quite creepy. It continues with the father explaining how the chocolaty taste of Jell-O pudding “makes up for it all”—which actually is sadder than it is funny. It ends with the kid giving his Jell- O pudding to his dad, saying that he needs it more than he does.

Would you turn to a chocolaty Jell-O pudding when life gets tough?

Jell-O Comb Over Commercial
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