Product Video: Touch Film by Ryan Design

Case Study: Touch Film by Ryan Design


Keywest Video was contacted by Ryan Design to create an informative and promotional video for their latest innovative product “Touch Film”. The goal of this video was to not only promote the product, but also showcase its functionality and usability in the appropriate setting.


The final video was not only an excellent illustration of the product’s capabilities and functionality, but also its ease-of-use and sleek design.

The video begins with an informative, professional voiceover along with dynamic b-roll of the actual product. By shooting at night, we were able to show Touch Film’s high-resolution screen and how it’s eye-catching placement is able to easily draw in consumers.

Keywest hired two actors to “use” the device and demonstrate its functions. In doing so, we were able to depict the various features of the device, along with its user-friendly interface. The actors, along with the informative voiceover, depict the device’s multi-purpose nature making mention of “interactive marketing tools”, “interactive storefront presentations”, etc.

Ryan Design wanted Touch Film to be marketed as a high-end interactive tool for real estate professionals. The dynamic product shots captured in the storefront of Bernice Whelan Realty Inc. added to the device’s sleekness and sophistication.

Touch Film also features interactive elements such as QR codes, which are targeted towards the consumer on the go. Since many may not have the time to view listings on the device, the QR codes allow them to revisit the properties at a later date, and at their own leisure. In order to illustrate this fast-paced lifestyle, we incorporated b-roll of Toronto city scapes at night, which added to the metropolitan feel of the video and targeted it towards city-dwelling consumers.

Product Video: Touch Film by Ryan Design
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