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You might have noticed that most television producers are now offering TV’s that are 4k Ultra HD ready. 4k is essentially four times the resolution of Blu-Ray discs which are 1080p HD.

This digital resolution has been in use in the film industry for years, but 4k is now slowly making its way into the consumer market.

#Sony was one of the pioneers when it came to 4K consumer televisions, offering some of the earliest consumer televisions capable of this resolution. They continue to have a wide array of 4k Sony TV offerings today.

Here at Key West Video, we realize the importance of keeping up with technological advances. Experience has taught us, however, that we need to find the right balance between investing in these new advances and our client’s practical needs.

The reality is, most #CorporateVideos are presented on websites often in small embedded windows. Therefore extremely high-resolution projects really aren’t justifiable, especially when you take the added equipment and post-production costs into account.

Consumers have been slow to adopt #Blu-Ray, and with 4K Ultra HD being four times larger, it’s reasonable to expect that it will take several more years before it becomes the standard format.

That is not to say that it doesn’t have plenty of practical applications.  For instance, maybe a real estate video tour of a property might benefit from being shot in 4k Ultra HD, (after all, YouTube does support it). However, a simple address to camera, for your website, usually wouldn’t be viewed on a large enough display to justify it. At they detail how large typical 4k films are, and the file sizes one can expect. 4K video production makes sense when the end product is intended to be viewed full screen on a 4K capable display.

Check out these 10 incredible Ultra HD video examples to get a sense of what distinguishes 4k from other formats:

When it comes to 1080p vs 4K Ultra HD in the corporate video world, the resolution really doesn’t have much to do with the final presentation quality. The overall production quality is really what makes a video stand out, and those factors include the location, camera positions, lighting techniques, and audio quality. These are all things we take great pride in doing well here at Key West Video, regardless of the video resolution for any given project.

If your project might benefit from a high-resolution production, we will let you know, and help you each step of the way, including how best to present it.

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