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What Do Bitmojis Have To Do With Corporate Video?

Bitmojis, aka your own personal avatar, are becoming increasingly popular.

Bitmojis allow us to express ourselves through emoticons. Created by Canadian software company Bitstrips, bitmojis are essentially personalized emojis. They allow us to put ourselves in digital settings, most notably on Snapchat. They’ve also recently become available on Gmail.

In a way, they are emojis personified. They’re also a reflection of ourselves. We’re able to do a lot of fun things through them: ride horses, surf, play sports, drive fancy cars – you name it.

How we look and feel is taken up a notch.

What Do Bitmojis Have To Do With Corporate Video?
Photo credit: The Daring Librarian via / CC BY-NC-SA

So where do corporate videos come in?

Emojis have already infiltrated live action video content (e.g. film and tv). As these new avatars become more popular, the question is now how can they be included?

They can add a dimension to a corporate video. Ever see a movie, tv show, or video with a hybrid of live action and animation? Ideally, a bitmoji video would work the same way. The actor can speak to the bitmoji as if it is a character in and of itself. Though they are not animated, they can serve as an extra layer or add dimension to a piece by having the cast speak directly to it.

We often forget how animated characters can add to video. A single bitmoji can become a story of its own within a video. Depending on the concept of the (corporate) video, they add a fun, almost adventure-like element to a video piece.

It can be also used as a prop to replace an animated ‘doodle’ device. Sometimes a bitmoji will come with a small phrase such as “hi”, “what’s up?”n or “I feel you”. These can be a fun little way to accentuate messages in a corporate video piece.

Here at Key West Video, we are constantly looking for new fun and innovative ways to create corporate video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today.

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