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How to Build Anticipation for Your Corporate Video

Ever wonder how you could possibly build audience anticipation with corporate video?

It seems like every other industry has it figured right down to a T. The music industry has Frank Ocean’s long-anticipated album, Beyonce is now infiltrating the docu-drama realm with cryptic imagery and video teasers, and movie trailers are giving us less and less while leaving more and more to the imagination.

What do these all have in common?

Well, they’ve mastered the art of suspense.

Just like the beginning of a rollercoaster drop, good visual content leaves audiences dying to know what’s next. It has us anxious and keeps us on our toes.

Anticipation means giving us butterflies before we’ve even had the experience.

Photo credit: ZakVTA via / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: ZakVTA via / CC BY-NC-SA

And like all cross-platform content, there are lessons to be learned when it comes to soliciting potential audience engagement:

Less is More

What a lot of companies don’t realize is that their audiences are a lot smarter than they think. Humans are led by curiousity and having their interests piqued. Sometimes, the less you give them means more. If the imagery is poignant enough to stand on its own, why waste time with additional footage or dialogue explaining it? Let your content stand alone and tease it for no more than a few seconds. This can be well-executed especially if you are a previously established brand with a wide outreach.

Tease Content Through the Right Channels

Companies looking for a more ambiguous approach can tease their audiences with just enough information to get them excited, but not enough visuals, audio or text to really explain what it is they’re experiencing. It’s important to know where and how you plan to execute your game-changing video, and this starts with a thorough understanding of online presence and social media channels.

Announce at Peak Engagement Times

Anytime a company or content creator posts something, it should be done at peak hours in order to garner the most views and online interactions. Even if it’s just a tease, companies and content creators alike could benefit from implementing the Burrito Principle. This principle follows the idea that companies should engage during off hours when users are more likely to have time on their hands (e.g. like when they’re eating a burrito).

Here at Key West Video, we capitalize on the art of anticipation. By working directly with our clients, we give audiences as much – or as little – as they need. Contact us for a quote today!

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