Corporate animation is a great way to explain your product or brand easily and in a short time frame. Take complicated ideas and simplify them into fun, straightforward language. At Key West Video, you can choose a style that fits your brand. Infographic, whiteboard, 3D, and explainer animations are just a few of the corporate animation styles Key West Video offers our clients. Speak to a Producer today about our corporate animation services!


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Corporate Animation Services

Corporate Animation - Infographic Animation
Infographic Animation

Infographic animation is made from graphic representations of data to clearly communicate complex information in a simplified, visual form. This is the best way for your audience to easily digest your corporate animation.

Corporate Animation - Whiteboard Animation
Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is created with a time-lapse effect as if the images are being drawn on a whiteboard in the moment seen by the viewer. The Whiteboard animation style is typically used for more long-form corporate animation video productions. This allows for more in depth information to be addressed to the viewing audience.

Corporate Animation - 3D Animation
3D Animation

3D animation is built to create a more realistic feel or environment for the audience. With the dimension of depth, a new world is created. 3D Corporate Animation tends to be more costly because of the longer time involved in producing 3D Animation.

Corporate Animation - Explainer Videos
Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are introductions of a new product or brand that provide fundamental information of a company’s solution to a problem. Your corporate animation will benefit from a professional explainer animation video.

Watch the video below to see the various styles of animation!

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