Key West Video produces training videos for various companies, ranging from small businesses to medium and large corporations. Training videos have the ability to inform and inspire your employees. Many organizations use videos as a mandate to train and inform people across various professions or groups. Key West Video will help make your training video production interesting and engaging for you, and the rest of your corporate team!


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E-Learning - Training Video Production Toronto

We understand your need to convey information efficiently and thoroughly for your online curriculum. E-learning requires attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the material to ensure your video production is a success.

Dramatic Training Video Production Services Toronto
Dramatic Training Videos

If you want your training video production to resonate with employees, then perhaps a dramatic training video is what your company needs. Leave your team with a deeper understanding of the content both mentally, and emotionally. When your team feels what a character is going through, they will connect that to themselves, and learn and retain information much faster.

Instructional Training Video Production Toronto
Instructional Videos

Have something to promote but need to teach consumers how to use it? Instructional training videos are a great way to showcase your product or service while also explaining how it works. Whether through live demos or animated screen captures, we’ve got you covered.

Educational Training Video Production Toronto
Educational Videos

Key West Video has worked with many organizations on powerful educational training video production projects. The goal is to produce a video that not only educates your audience, but also entertains them as well. All the while making them forget that they are studying or in the classroom!

Safety Orientation Videos
Safety Orientation Videos

Safety first is the usual disclaimer, but if you find your staff, or contractors need a refresher, why not make the video first! A professionally produced safety training video will help to make sure your team knows the rules and works safely as well as efficiently.

Safety Orientation
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