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Why Corporate Video Music In Your Production Matters

Ever watched a corporate video and wondered why you felt compelled to give them your money? Corporate video music might be a huge reason why.

Sometimes, we forget just how important corporate video music and sound are in film, TV, and commercial video. With the obvious exception of music videos, most visual outlets are hugely aided by the use of the right sound at the right time(s).

It’s a large component in the film and television industry. From sound scores to soundtracks, it has the power to ascribe or elicit emotion in a scene. It can accelerate or slow down the pace of a scene, and add depth to powerful moments on screen.

It’s what’s given guys like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfmann long careers in the industry.

Corporate video is no different. The power of corporate video music is crucial in creating a specific tone (and sometimes even playing into the theme) of your video. It, too, can add weight to your visuals; from a sales pitch to an infomercial to a Public Service Announcement.

Why Corporate Video Music In Your Production Matters
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Take, for example, the widely-popular Proactive commercial (skincare). Its use of upbeat piano, bright lights, and charismatic (yet strategic) celebrities makes it a great choice for skincare and an easily recognizable brand.

Not only does it set the tone, it also sets the pace for a commercial. Sometimes, when it moves quickly, we are able to better tune in and retain information faster. Our brains are in a place of expectancy; we’re expecting to hear more information conveyed in a faster way. We’re paying better attention and listening faster.

This is in complete contrast to, say, a PSA from a charitable organization encouraging viewers to donate to a human interest or social justice cause. In this case, slower, more heartfelt music, with fewer choice words might be more applicable.

Here at Key West Video, we take great care to use music that best suits the creative vision and tone for your video. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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