At Key West Video, we can do as little or as much as you’d like us to! Whether it’s the full corporate video production from top to bottom, or simply requiring a few additional production crew for your next shoot, we’re your one stop shop for all of you corporate video production needs. Key West Video has an extensive roster of top-tier video production crew in Toronto and abroad for you to choose from.


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Production Crew Services

Videographer Toronto - Camera Operator Toronto

Videographer / Camera Operator

All of our corporate videographers arrive prepared and ready to roll; they are fully briefed on your project to ensure you get all the footage you require. Key West Video respects all third-party client relationships, often working in the background.



The producer makes sure every stage of your project runs smoothly. They are the project manager of your video, so it’s their job to make sure the roles and responsibilities of everyone are clearly defined, and that you are well taken care of.



The director is in charge of the production stage of your video. Working closely with the producer, director of photography, and other crew, they ensure the content, shots, and performances needed for your project are captured during the shoot.

Director of Photography/DOP

Director of Photography / DOP

The director of photography or DOP is responsible for making all the shots look amazing. Video may be moving images but every frame counts. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, just imagine what the aesthetics of your video are worth.

Video Editor

Post-Production Video Editor

Video editing is an art form that brings together video footage, audio, graphics, animation, and more! The video editor is the one who assembles and finds the right combinations of these elements to showcase your corporate story.

Motion Graphics Animator

Motion Graphics Artist

The motion graphics artist is the one who brings your product or brand to life. They simplify complicated ideas into a fun, straightforward visual language to catch the eye of your viewer. Think about telling your story through a corporate animation.

Available Crew - Corporate Videographer Toronto

Available Crew

Our crew comes equipped with years of experience and the know-how to take your production to the next level. From scriptwriters, directors, DOPs, make-up artists, to whatever else you require, we can handle your requirements.

Gear & Equipment

Gear & Equipment

We have top of the line equipment and the ability to handle any situation. From cameras to full lighting and audio, our standard package has all the basics. Add-ons include sliders, steadi-cams, teleprompters, aerial drones, and so much more.

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