Giving Back

Donating Time

A Year of Giving Back

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

                                                                                                       —Winston Churchill

Giving Back is something Key West Video likes to do, and it has been a busy year! We’ve produced projects for the Ontario government, Bombardier, Sun Life Financial, Centennial College and countless other clients. Our business is communicating the message of other businesses. But there’s more to life than just business. We’ve also spent time giving back in 2017.

Time Spent Wisely

Over the past year, Key West Video has had the privilege of working with a number of deserving charities and foundations. It’s our goal to spend time giving back to the community. In the past, we’ve worked with the Barrie Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and the Bialik Hebrew Day School. This year we partnered with the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals to promote their annual awards. We’re also the official video partner of the Small & Mighty Summit, a group that promotes small businesses. Below are a few more examples of how we’d like to remember time spent in 2017.

Shine Through the Rain Foundation

Giving Back
Laughter is the Best Medicine gala

Key West Video joined the party when Shine Through the Rain Foundation had their Laughter is the Best Medicine gala in late November. As a foundation dedicated to helping families facing life-threatening illness, this gala was all about letting kids be kids. We were on hand to capture the fun and the giving spirit of an event full of people who donated time and money to this important cause.

Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation

Giving Back
Master of Ceremonies Michael Landsberg

It was a star-studded night at the Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation 13th Annual Celebrity Sports Mixer, where funds were raised for the Kids, Cops and Computers program. A bevy of sports and media personalities gathered at the Hockey Hall of Fame to support the program and celebrate participating kids. This was a fund-raiser to help financially disadvantaged youth access the technology and tools that enable a successful student life.

National Crowdfunding Association of Canada

Giving Back
Networking at the Canadian Crowdfinance Summit

The National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA) hosted their 3rd Annual Canadian Crowdfinance Summit at the MaRS Collaboration Centre Auditorium last winter in downtown Toronto. Featuring more than seventy-five speakers, the summit was a chance to network with stakeholders from the Canadian fintech industry. Key West Video captured the excitement as deals were made and funding was secured at this premiere event.

Happy Holidays

Using our strengths to promote the strengths of others feels good. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that it’s easy to give. Please take a moment this holiday season to extend a hand to a person, a group or a cause that could use your help. Happy holidays from all of us here at Key West Video.

Corporate Video Animation

Corporate Video Animation

Corporate video animation is an important tool used to tell stories and reach target markets. Read on for some compelling reasons to use the technique as part of your corporate video.


Animation is affordable. Compared to live action videos, animation can be a thrifty choice. Actors, locations, crew, wardrobe and food are just a few of the costly components involved in a live action shoot. When you’re working with animated characters, you can put them in any location, dress them however you want and they never need a lunch break! The scope of animation can also be tailored to your budget. Keep things simple or go all out, depending on your bottom line.

Corporate Video Animation
The sky’s the limit with animation!

Cost savings are further realized if the project has changes. Adjusting the look or actions of an animated character is much easier than reshooting a scene. Instead of adding another shoot day, and all the associated costs, the animator literally goes back to the drawing board. The new and improved animation can be flawlessly integrated into the existing project—something that can be a challenge with reshoots.


The whole point of animation is to illustrate a story. This resource is especially useful if you need to explain a complex topic. Whether you’re deconstructing a machine or a concept, taking something apart is a great way to examine how it works. Seeing the individual parts makes the whole less intimidating.

Metaphors and analogies are great story-telling techniques. Animation is a natural fit for this kind of expository. If you show a ship sailing in stormy weather, it could stand in for your customer trying to navigate the competition’s website. Along comes your sailboat, cruising in sunny weather. Your website is the catalyst for this pleasure cruise.

Another way to illustrate with animation is to take the branding of a company and incorporate it into the video. Have a look at this video we created for Ascencia. The project seamlessly became part of the client’s branding, thanks to its familiar look and feel.

Corporate Video Animation is Limitless

Animation is endlessly malleable. Need an airplane in your video? No problem! Want to see the inside of a brain? Done! Anything you imagine can be animated, from the simplest flower to the most complex piece of equipment.

Corporate Video Animation
Animation makes challenging subject matter like abuse easier to illustrate

Characters are easy to manipulate when they’re animated. Create the perfect boss, customer or recruit. Show a huge crowd, or a single person floating in space. Animation also works well for challenging subject matter. Showing the abuse of an animal or person is much easier to depict with characters that don’t feel pain and can show emotion on demand.

We Love to Animate

If you think corporate video animation could be a good fit for your business, we agree! Have a look at our samples and call us today for a quote.

How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video

How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video

Black Friday is here!

And for a lot of corporate companies, Black Friday is an opportunity to make large amounts of money.

There’s a spirit behind Black Friday that makes it stand out from other consumer-based “holidays” (like Boxing Day). It comes right after American Thanksgiving and is usually a mad grab at everything that goes on sale.

This day marks the beginning of Christmas shopping for the holiday season. It’s a time where family and friends battle it out in parking lots, shopping malls, department stores, and booths. It’s when the true spirit of Thanksgiving – the time when everyone is supposedly grateful for what they have – is overturned with the need for more.

How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video
Source: YouTube

And for most corporations, companies, and businesses, it’s a time to make bank.

If you sell a product or service, it’s an obvious time to work out a sale plan. It’s also an incredible time to put forth a corporate video days before for consumers looking to buy additional product. This means a corporate video that is heavy on the sell.

Pre-Black Friday corporate videos have an obvious mandate to sell – but what about videos for on the day of and after? One idea could be to create parody videos of the unofficial holiday with footage from previous years. Whether it’s to send a message or to simply poke fun at the craziness, brands could benefit from highlighting the extreme behaviour on this sales-filled day. A brand that is able to recognize its own hype is a smart brand worth paying attention to.

It’s no secret that things can get violent (and even fatal) around this time, but keeping the tone light could be a way to get eyes on your product and have you stand out on one of the busiest days of the year.

Here at Key West Video, we work with brands to create the best corporate video possible. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills

What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills

Corporate videos are a great way to connect with your audience. But what do they say about your communication skills?

Communication is key in any business. And naturally, this translates to all facets of business, be it marketing, accounting, or legal etc.

What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills
Photo on

Businesses can literally not thrive without a strong sense of communication between departments. A system of hierarchy is put in place partly to regulate how things are communicated, delegated, and done.

When it comes to marketing – specifically corporate video marketing – communicating is essential. The main purpose of a corporate video is to communicate a message to your audience.

Your message – be it to sell, inform, entertain, or elicit emotion – should say something. A corporate video should never be so abstract that a viewer doesn’t understand what it is you’re trying to convey. In fact, it should be crystal clear what the message is.

A strong corporate video communicates that you are aware of current trends or technologies in your field, you understand the trends and technologies and are breaking it down for an audience who might not understand the nitty-gritty of it all. A strong corporate video makes it easy for the average person to understand who you are, what you do, and what the point of your video is.

The very fact that you’ve created a corporate video shows that you care about your brand and audience. You’ve taken the time to give significant thought to your brand or product. You have written a script and/or storyboard, shot and edited a video, created sound, possibly included animation, and are distributing it in a strategic manner. It shows that you, as a brand, are organized, coordinated, and affluent enough to be able to create a creative video for the masses.

That speaks volumes.

Here at Key West Video, we work with each client to map out key strengths for their corporate videos. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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Why Diversity In Your Company’s Corporate Video Matters

Why Diversity In Your Company's Corporate Video Matters

Diversity has become a bit of a buzz word lately.

But this doesn’t make diversity any less important.

One thing we’ve noticed about many a corporate video is their mirroring effect. A corporate video is meant to reflect the corporate attitude or culture of a company or brand. Sometimes, diversity isn’t reflected in corporate videos.

It’s often because there isn’t enough.

Why Diversity In Your Company's Corporate Video Matters
Photo by DryHundredFear on / CC BY

A lot of corporate companies in various fields (like tech or the entertainment industry) struggle with this concept. It’s so much more than fulfilling a checkbox for a company quota. It’s also more than tokenizing a person of colour once they’re hired.

True diversity means equality, respect, and inclusion on every level.

And it’s important to have regardless of your corporation or corporate video. Having both a diverse business adds richness to your workplace and output. You’re receiving a beautiful blend of experiences, mindsets, personalities, and perspectives that you might not otherwise get.

For larger companies, diverse employment is essential for attracting larger crowds – especially in marketing. Though a lot of larger corporate companies’ marketing strategies are almost foolproof, you’ll find that demographics often change. Gone are the days when companies could afford to pour millions into marketing to baby boomers. Now that they’ve hit retirement age, it’s vital to reach out to the next generation; a new generation based on age, sexuality, class, race, and gender.

A diverse corporate video also just makes sense. For companies in and around major metropolitan areas (such as Toronto, Montreal, NYC, LA, London etc.), it only makes sense that you’d want your corporate video to reflect the audience it’s being marketed to. Unless your product is something that only a certain type of demographic is capable of using (which is often never), there’s simply no reason why diverse talent cannot be featured.

Here at Key West Video, we champion diverse corporate videos in every way we can. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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