Case Study: CANES Community Care, Home at Last

Case Study: CANES

CANES Community Care is a Key West Video repeat client. For the Home at Last project, CANES came to us with a story and a request to produce an explainer video. CANES liked the animation we used on another project and asked for a similar look. Here’s how we made it work.

The Story

Our contact at CANES had used his grandfather in a previous video for the Home at Last program. The client wanted to update the information and the look with animation. However, he asked us to keep his grandfather’s name and story intact.

Using a day-in-the-life approach was a perfect fit for this project. Explainer videos often benefit from a true story that’s relatable, understandable and engaging. We were able to illustrate a step-by-step process and still keep the video at two minutes. It was simple, clear and easy to follow for anyone who wanted to use the service.

Animation with Graphics

The stars of this video were definitely the animated characters, including Grandpa Alvin. Endearing and cheerful, Alvin showed the audience exactly how to take advantage of the Home at Last program. Although the video was populated by cartoons, our animator still managed to utilize movement and postures that made them feel real.

Case Study: CANES Community Care, Home at Last
Existing branding helps support animation

Recognizable graphics complemented the custom animated characters. Home at Last and CANES Community Care boards drew viewer attention as images that could be seen on the CANES website. This nod to branding helped the viewer tie the video to a name they may have already known or would recognize when looking for the service online. Another graphic visual cue was used to introduce the hospitals participating in the program.

Actors Versus Animation

One of the most obvious advantages of using animation is that you don’t need to include actors in your video. There are no long shoot days or associated costs when your talent is animated. This video could have been difficult to shoot for elderly or infirm actors. The use of animated characters also made adjustments and changes easier to accommodate.

Case Study: CANES Community Care, Home at Last
Using animated actors creates flexibility

Call to Action

Every video should end with a call to action, which tells the viewer how to act on the information they’ve just seen. The CANES video includes a final reminder that this is a free service. The piece wraps with verbal and visual references to the phone number and website.

Explainer Video

The Home at Last video is an explainer video that hits all the right notes. How the program works and ways to use the service were clearly spelled out with narration and visuals. The characters and story were accessible and explicit. The straightforward call to action is the ribbon on top of a nicely packaged video.

If you have a service or product that could benefit from an explainer video, Key West Video can help. Call us today for a quote.

Case Study: Centennial College

The Key West Video team created a series of six Orientation Commercial Breaks to run during a meeting for new students at Centennial College.


For this case study, we’ll use the Student Relations video as an example of the series. The video starts with an animated intro used for all six breaks. It clearly identifies the college and then states the title of the break. After seeing the intro the first time, the students knew what to expect: a short video with school information. The same music was also used for each break, further reinforcing the continuity of the series.

The video featured a single speaker and two angles of the same shot. This kept the concept simple for a piece that ran only 46 seconds. The wide shot focused on a chair and subject placed in the middle of the room, allowing good depth of field and helping to avoid a two-dimensional look. The tighter shot gave the editor an option when it was necessary to make a cut without using b-roll. Working with two shots gave the piece increased visual interest over sitting on a single fixed shot.

Graphics were used in two ways during the video. First, to introduce the speaker. Second, a number of pop-up facts appear during the break. These messages didn’t mirror what the speaker was saying, but instead supported the material and gave extra information. The blurbs were short enough to read quickly and add to the viewer’s experience, but not so long they distracted from the message. The graphic font, layout and colours used were consistent throughout the series and mirrored the college’s branding.

Case Study: Centennial College
extra information is highlighted with graphics

Creating a Video Series for Centennial College

Key West Video has worked with Centennial College on a number of videos used on a variety of platforms. When we work on a series, we establish a look and format that can be maintained for consistency and ease of use. This approach means the client can approve the first version and know what to expect moving forward. For us, it means we can create a number of videos in rapid succession, using the same template. The viewer can relate to a familiar look and feel that represents the series. Everybody wins!

Whether you’re interested in a single video or a string of videos, Key West Video can help you spread your message. Call us today for a quote.


Case Study: Anton Paar

Key West Video used a customer success story to illustrate the practical application of the Anton Paar Alcolyzer Spirits Alcohol Analysis System.

When Anton Paar wanted to promote a product used in alcohol production, they came to Key West Video. Our challenge was making a piece of lab equipment relatable and understandable. Enter Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers. Showcasing a company that benefitted from Anton Paar’s system enabled us to promote a complex piece of equipment through real-world application.

The video begins with beautiful drone footage shot in 4k UHD. The overhead perspective and clear imagery immediately capture viewer attention. Throughout the video, use of the drone and 4k UHD show off the distillery campus, Dillon’s spirits, and Anton Paar’s system.

Founder Geoff Dillon and head distiller David Dickson narrate the video, providing first-hand knowledge of the business. After introducing us to the distillery and giving some production specifics, the pair talk about the issues encountered during testing. Once we understand the process and the problem, it’s time to hear about a solution.

By the time we get our first look at the alcohol analysis system, we’re nearly halfway through the video. This delay is done by design. Instead of presenting a complex piece of equipment without any context, we’ve set up the reveal in a way that makes sense. The viewer already knows what this unit is designed to do and how it’s addressing the lag in production at the distillery. Showing the device at work in a system that’s been explained in layman’s terms demystifies a the machine.

Case Study: Anton Paar
Alcolyzer Spirits M/ME – Alcohol Analysis System

In Summary

A customer success story can be a powerful way to promote your product. In this instance, Key West Video worked with Anton Paar to highlight a client that illustrated the direct benefit of a product. In turn, the audience related to that success and the contribution of the Anton Paar system.

If you’re looking to promote a product or service that’s difficult to explain or hard to understand, consider using testimonials. Whether through a customer success story or a series of interviews, those who have had success with a product may be the best people to sell it. Everyone loves a good story with a happy ending. Call Key West Video today and let us help you tell your story through corporate video.

Case Study: Branch Yoga & Wellness

The Key West Video team worked with Branch Yoga & Wellness to create this dynamic and informative company profile video that showcased their business and services.

Branch Yoga & Wellness were the lucky winners of our company profile video contest at last year’s Small Business Forum that took place on October 23, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The video begins with b-roll showcasing Branch Yoga’s services before a quick snippet/intro from co-owners Marlene Sammy and Karey Emmett. This helps to quickly establish what Branch Yoga offers their clients and helps to build a personal connection right from the beginning. The co-owners then go on to discuss the various services they offer, complementing the narration with b-roll footage of their clients and services in action.

Next, the video transitions to Branch Yoga’s instructors and teachers, illustrating the variety of services being offered, the various levels, and the teaching types available. Once again, the narration and testimonials are juxtaposed with related b-roll of the classes and (pretty cool) equipment being used, such as aerial yoga.

The video includes testimonials from Branch Yoga’s very own clients. This is proven to be an incredibly useful technique to incorporate into company profile videos. If you are able to let your clients speak for your business, choose this option. Other clients are more likely to listen to the opinions of your current clients rather than you as a business owner – think of how online reviews work. These client testimonials help to discuss not only the products and services you offer, but also your business’ atmosphere. And for this particular business, it is important to showcase the environment within Branch Yoga & Wellness.

Throughout the video, Key West incorporated a great deal of varying b-roll to illustrate the various classes and made use of dynamic editing techniques to improve the aesthetics of the company profile.

Case Study: Branch Yoga & Wellness
Try Branch Yoga’s Aerial Yoga Classes

Finally, the video ends with the all important call to action – attend a Branch yoga class, visit the website, or find them on Facebook.

Looking for a company profile video to showcase your business? Contact Key West today!

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Case Study: NABS Kili Climb 2014

NABS and Keywest have joined forces on a variety of projects over the past several years. This year, we have provided NABS with a powerful testimonial video aimed at fundraising for their Kilimanjaro climb.

Case Study: NABS Kili Climb 2014
NABS Kili Climb 2014

NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society) is a charitable organization set up exclusively to provide assistance to people in the marketing and communications industries who may need help due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.

This year, NABS plans to raise $ 250,000 in support of our colleagues in need, while giving 30 industry members a life-changing opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The industry charity is calling for its members to foster mental toughness and community-building, through an adventuresome trek up a legendary mountain. Tanzania’s 19,300 foot-high Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing peak in the world. The NABS Climb will be via the Lemosho route, a slow and steady trek that has a 98% summit rate.

NABS continues to support over 1100 families/year from every region in Canada, 50% of whom are challenged due to financial difficulty, illness and the fallout of dramatic industry job losses and shifts. For hundreds of people, the end of the month is their biggest mountain to climb. The 2015 Kilimanjaro project will not only raise money to help fund 130 cases now, it will set clinical programs in motion to assist professionals with career and lifelong stress management, the fastest-growing hurdle in the industry. — NABS

Keywest lent a helping hand this year by producing a powerful video for Asaph Benun, one of this year’s climbers, and also an industry member whose baby boy Gabriel has been battling cancer. This video is aimed at creating awareness, explaining what NABS does, and also acts a fundraiser for the climb.

Keywest values and appreciates the work that NABS has been able to do since their inception. That is why we have chosen to partner with them to help support their efforts through the power of video.

For further information on the 2015 Kilimanjaro Climb, go to:
http://nabs.orgTwitter: #KiliClimbForNABS
Facebook: NABS Canada