Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study

Mosino app explainer backpage

Today is international virtual assistants day. We’re unsure if that means virtual assistants are being celebrated or we’re celebrating all the help virtual assistants provide? Either way, it gives us an excuse to look at an explainer we did for our client’s Mosino app. We promoted their all-in-one hospitality platform with the story of Karen.


To illustrate all the features and benefits of the Mosino app, we wrote a script using a character called Karen. This animated traveler is introduced at the start of the video. By the twelve second mark, the audience knows Karen is on vacation, she’s going to a hotel with good reviews, and she’s using the Mosino app to make her stay more convenient and enjoyable. In a very short amount of time, we’ve given a viewer all the information they need to understand what the video is about and how the information will be presented.

Product Capability

Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study
Showing off the cross-platform capability

One of our client’s objectives was to show the cross-platform capability of their app. Throughout the video, we see Karen using her phone to book appointments, make requests, and share information. This is how most hotel guests will use Mosino. However, we also see Karen use a tablet and get information from a tv screen. Instead of listing these platforms as options, we show Karen interacting with each device. Every time Karen uses her phone or another platform, the viewer sees the information as it would be displayed in real life. This mix of animation and graphics gives the app a familiar feel that facilitates user experience when the app is downloaded.

Target Market

The Mosino app is marketed to hotels. Purchasing officers and hotel employees are the ones who need to understand the benefits of using Mosino. Not only do we see how this service makes Karen’s life easier, but we also see hotel employees using the app to help them perform better. The video highlights how the spa manager can up-sell a service Karen has booked, we see hotel employees communicate with each other for increased efficiency, and we witness Karen alert staff to her needs. All of these examples relate to the ways the app can assist with overall hotel management.

Additional Benefits

Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study
“Karen” using the Mosino app

Using a character to sell a product or service is different than using an icon-based animation. With Karen, the audience should be able to see themselves in the featured scenarios. We’re showcasing the benefits of the Mosino app by taking the viewer through actions they’ll recognize. To keep the audience in the story, we don’t like to break out of character to list additional benefits. Instead, we wrote the important information about security features and cloud capability into the script in a way that was natural. The flow of the video remains uninterrupted and all the relevant information is provided.

Summary of Mosino App

The Mosino app video ends with a summary of how the product is useful for hotels. We start with our star, Karen, by pointing out that a happy customer leads to good reviews, return visits, and increased business. Then we move on to the hotel staff and talk about increased efficiency, good morale, and overall cost savings. It all adds up to better business. The last shot of the video acts as a CTA with the Mosino logo, url, and where you can buy the product.

Golf for Business


If you’re a serious golfer, you probably have next Monday marked on your calendar. That’s the beginning of active season when those who are so inclined start keeping score to establish their Golf Canada Handicap Factor. But even for those of us who are more recreational golf players, warmer weather has us thinking about hitting the links. Key West Video understands that golf and business go hand-in-hand. Today’s blog takes a look at a couple of golf-themed events we shot for clients and why golf makes a great business partner.

Golf is Serious Business

Golf for Business
Deals and networking are part of the game

It’s easy to see why so many companies use golf as a business tool. Tournaments can be organized in a myriad of ways to get everyone involved. Whether you’re entertaining clients or sponsoring a team-building outing, people tend to embrace a day on the course. Golf presents an opportunity to gather in a relaxed atmosphere and connect on a personal level. Here’s how a couple of our clients got into the swing of things.

Ornge Air Ambulance Golf Classic

The Air Ambulance Golf Classic Event will run for the third year this June. Last June, Key West Video traveled to Nobleton Lakes Golf Club for a tournament that supported Indigenous programming at Outward Bound Canada. Not only was this event a fundraiser, but participants also had a chance to win prizes. Above all, it was a beautiful day to spend outside with friends.

The two-minute video we created was narrated by golf tournament organizers and participants. We interviewed representatives from Outward Bound Canada, RBC, and Ornge to get their take on the event. They talked about the programs that would benefit from the money raised and why they were involved.

We were lucky to have a gorgeous day to shoot and gathered plenty of footage. Of course, there are shots of people golfing. The video also includes sponsor signage located along the course and even a shiny new prize. At the end of the day, there was a dinner with a lot of tired but happy looking golfers. The video was branded with Outward Bound and Ornge logos, as well as a thank you page full of sponsor logos.

With the 2019 tournament coming up in just over two months, this video can be used by Ornge to generate excitement. After raising $15,000 for Outward Bound Canada in 2018, Ornge has partnered with Cambrian College this year. Money raised through the 3rd Annual Air Ambulance Golf Classic will go toward student bursaries and awards. This video also acts as a branding tool that shows the kind of community involvement that’s important to Ornge.

Golf for Business

Dalton Company Trade Relations Program

The golf video we made for Dalton had a very different approach. Held at the Swing Golf Lounge, this event was indoors. Attendees were from trades that the host company works with as part of their construction business. Dalton Company treated their guests to some virtual golf while honouring outstanding partner achievements. The gathering was part of Dalton’s Trade Relations Program, which recognizes the delivery of superior value to clients.

This short video was created from still images taken at the event last September. The video has Dalton branding throughout, with logos, colours, and signage. This project is proof that dynamic video can be achieved with stills. Through editing, music, and text, we were able to tell a story and bring this event to life. Now Dalton has a tool that can be used to promote the Trade Relations Program and the company’s values.

Golf for Business


With two very different approaches, we took golf-themed events and turned them into client videos. Regardless of the theme you choose to reward partners or fundraise, Key West Video can capture the day and tell your story. Give us a call to discuss how we can make video work for you.

Dalton Company Case Study

Dalton Company B&R

On Valentine’s Day, 2017, a city landmark went up in smoke. The Badminton & Racket Club of Toronto (B&R) saw a 90-year history jeopardized in a 6-alarm fire. The east side of the clubhouse was destroyed in a blaze that injured two firefighters, displaced nearby residents, caused $10M in damage, and disrupted local businesses. The Dalton Company was hired to rebuild the facility and Key West Video was hired to share their philosophy of “An Alternative Approach to Building”. The first video we produced is on the front page of Dalton’s website. Our latest video tells an updated version of the story.

Dalton Company Case Study

The Story of a Phoenix

Each of the Dalton videos starts with the company name and logo in branded colours. This allows seamless integration when the projects are added to the client’s website and social media platforms. Our job was to tell the story of how the B&R rebuild was tackled using Dalton’s unique construction management approach.

Cover shots give the viewer an idea of the extent of the fire damage and the scope of the project. They also give context to the video. General construction shots, including time-lapse video, show the variety of work being done on-site.

Dalton Takes the Lead

Two Dalton site managers appear on-camera and used to narrate the video. They explain the objectives, challenges and solutions of the rebuild. As a company that specializes in high-risk reconstruction projects, B&R was a natural fit for Dalton. Our editor used some client-provided stills to show the site before reconstruction started. When we shot, the project was already in progress. This high-profile build is something Dalton wanted to showcase as a firm that often works with private clubs.

Coordination and Collaboration

The Dalton Company was hired to oversee a large, multi-disciplinary project team. The site managers speak about what it took to work with an architect, consultants, trades, and suppliers. As they break down the elements of the project, we see visuals to support each party involved.

One of the biggest challenges of the B&R rebuild was minimizing disruption. The club remained open to the more than 2700 members during construction, which meant the crew had to accommodate a functioning business. Since the club is located in a busy area of uptown Toronto, they also needed to accommodate pedestrian traffic and local businesses. Finally, the building is adjacent to occupied condominiums and residents were a consideration in all activities. Our cameras captured the club’s narrow access laneway, the busy city street, and the proximity of neighbouring buildings.

Second Chances

Through leadership, planning, and communication, Dalton has been able to satisfy all stakeholders. Throughout construction, the health and safety of employees and the public are paramount. Work was ongoing during the shooting of the videos, but we were still able to show off some of the finished spaces and progress. The video ends with a slightly different representation of the company logo and name that we saw at the beginning.

Building Business with Video

Key West Video is no stranger to projects involving construction. From roofing companies to the Eglinton Crosstown Line to Dalton, we’re comfortable on site. We even have our own hardhats! Our team is ready and willing to get dirty  and show off your company or project. Call us today for a free quote.

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study

mobile phone animation

There are 30.6 million mobile phone users in Canada. With 37.1 million people in the country, that means about 82% of our population has a cell phone. It also means that it’s not unusual for us to get a request to make a video that either includes or is based on cell phone use. Today’s blog looks at five Key West Video projects that feature mobile phone animation.

Tami Edu

In late 2015, client Tami Smart City Tech asked us to make a video to promote Tami Edu. This “mobile first app platform” was designed to appeal to teachers, parents, and principals. This app targets busy professionals and characters are shown throughout the video using their phones in a variety of situations. With scripting that says “quick, painless, on-the-go”, we reinforce the idea that this app is providing convenience through mobile phone animation.

By animating this promo, we could literally show app features and figuratively show the advantages of using Tami Edu. The first time the app is mentioned, we see a cell phone that shows only the logo. Later in the video, we see things like a heart icon and a checklist. None of these things would actually appear on-screen for a user, but we’re able to represent use features this way. The viewer doesn’t take the on-screen references as literal representations but instead understands that app capabilities are being explored.

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study

Crosslinx aCross Town App

If you live in the Toronto area, you know all about the Eglinton Crosstown transit project. Due to open in 2021, construction started in 2011 and anyone traveling in the area knows it can be a hassle. Client Crosslinx wanted to address the related traffic issues by introducing a free app. In late 2016, we worked on a mobile phone animation for an app meant to placate GTA travelers by helping them navigate the construction.

This video is a combination of animation and graphics. Although the hand holding the phone and the phone itself are both animated, the information appearing on the screen is graphics-based. Because the bulk of this video is an explainer on how to use the aCrosstown app, it’s useful to most closely represent the images and icons a user would see. The video walks the audience through using the two mobile phone modes: drive and transit.

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study


Our first two examples are about apps, but our next client offers something a little different. As an all-in-one hospitality platform, Mosino can be accessed and used via mobile, tablet, and tv. This video, which includes mobile phone animation, was created in late 2017. The target market is hotels and resorts, but Mosino’s applications are demonstrated by using a guest’s point-of-view. Using her phone and tablet, guest “Karen” navigates her stay through the Mosino app.

Once again, this is a video that uses an animated character and phone combined with in-phone graphics. We see example after example of how Karen can communicate her needs and wants to hotel staff through Mosino. From booking dinner and a massage to ordering more towels, the viewer learns how Karen’s requests trigger alerts that keep hotel staff informed and working efficiently. For most examples, we see the character engaging with her phone to demonstrate app use.

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study


This fall, the makers of PetFast asked us to help promote their new app. They wanted Key West Video to create two short animated pieces, aimed at different target markets. To showcase this app, the client wanted us to portray the characters using mobile phones. The world the characters inhabit is animated and what the viewer sees on the phone screen is a mix of animation and graphics. Maps, messages, and menus all helped us communicate on-screen with the audience and show what PetFast is all about. Here’s the user version:

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study

Virtual Brokers

Virtual Brokers is an online brokerage that can certainly be accessed on your phone, but that convenience had nothing to do with using animation for this commercial. We’d worked with the client before, promoting their service with a live-action ad. This time, they wanted to use texting as a way to reach their target market of young, affluent men. They felt it was a good vehicle to speak directly to their audience in a familiar language.

Using animation enabled us to create a thirty-second commercial that would have taken much longer to play out in live action. We could speed up the text conversation, which touted the attributes of Virtual Brokers, by overlapping messages in a way that was still easy to read. The idea was to mimic a typical text exchange between two friends, complete with emojis.

Mobile Phone Animation Case Study

Mobile Phone Animation for Your Business

Mobile phones are a big part of our everyday life, so it makes sense that we’re being asked more often to include them in our videos. If a client wants to show the specifics of an app, website, or text conversation, animation is the perfect vehicle. We can illustrate how an app will look or its functions even before it goes live. Animation also allows us to add, emphasize, or manipulate an image in whatever way works best for the client. If you have a product or service that could benefit from this kind of video, give us a call today for a free quote.

Small Business Funding Case Study

small business funding

Copper Marketing is a client we’ve collaborated with many times, acting as their video partner. In this case study on small business funding, we’ll take a look at a group of videos that form a series. Copper Marketing worked with Toronto Finance International (tfi), a public-private partnership between Canada’s largest financial services institutions and the government, the driver behind these promotional videos.

Funding for Small Businesses

This series highlights Ontario is Open for Small Business , a tfi program. But it’s done with a sublte approach. In fact, neither tfi nor the program is ever mentioned verbally. Logos and a url do the talking because the true story in each video is about the business owner and how they benefitted from various funding programs. The videos themselves are part of small business owner case studies.

Video Open & Close

Each video starts with an opening slate that has tfi branding. This includes company colours, branded font, the tfi initials, and the “Ontario is open for small business” logo. The opening page also has the name of the featured business. The bank name and project name are in a smaller font to the sides of the page with the business name and “case study” as the central focus. A similarly styled end page appears at the conclusion of each video. This time the page is dominated by “Toronto Finance International” spelled out with the program logo and url. The viewer is left with the bank name as your last impression and information on where to go to learn more.

Small Business Funding Case Study

Hope for Small Business Funding

This series embraces the power of video to connect with an audience through a relatable story. Five Toronto-area small business owners talk about their unique experiences. Each video runs 1:15-2:40, managing to deliver a message and engage the audience in a short amount of time. These testimonials are used to sell a product—or in this case a program—by drawing a parallel between services provided by tfi and success stories that used the kind of small business funding sponsored by the program.

Each video begins with the business owner introducing himself or herself and their business. We hear that person’s voice as a narrator throughout the video, keeping the entire piece personal. As each person talks about their experience, the viewer sees b-roll of them at work. Each owner details how small business funding helped them succeed. They also talk about the future of their business and give advice to other small business owners.

Small Business Funding Case Study

Although financing is the focus of each story, the format makes that point without making the video come off like a sales pitch. Each subject talks about the issues they faced securing loans. Each narrator emphasizes what worked for them: ease of application, a ready funding source, relatability, and fit. The idea is not to get into specifics, but to speak in a more general way about the kinds of funding used by these small businesses.

The overall feel of the videos is upbeat. We’re celebrating the success and sound financial decisions made by the businesses and the editing, narration and music reflect that. The target market small business owner or future small business owner should feel hopeful when watching this series. The idea is that this positive feeling is linked to tfi.

Same Format, Different Stories

By using a wide range of business types and stories, this series is built to appeal to a variety of potential tfi program users. Anybody who sees their situation reflected in one or more of the videos can better relate to the message. Although the series is formulaic, it’s not banal. The uniqueness of each story makes them different. The repeated elements, such as the opening and end pages and the general format, serve to make the individual videos a cohesive series about small business funding.

Small Business Funding Case Study

Focus on the Customer

A video promoting a business or service doesn’t have to focus on that business or service to be successful. Sometimes a customer is the most effective promotional tool. Seeing a real person builds trust and testimonials are a way to foster positive feelings toward your business. Key West Video can help you build your case through testimonials. Call us today for a free quote.