Case Study: Branch Yoga & Wellness

The Key West Video team worked with Branch Yoga & Wellness to create this dynamic and informative company profile video that showcased their business and services.

Branch Yoga & Wellness were the lucky winners of our company profile video contest at last year’s Small Business Forum that took place on October 23, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The video begins with b-roll showcasing Branch Yoga’s services before a quick snippet/intro from co-owners Marlene Sammy and Karey Emmett. This helps to quickly establish what Branch Yoga offers their clients and helps to build a personal connection right from the beginning. The co-owners then go on to discuss the various services they offer, complementing the narration with b-roll footage of their clients and services in action.

Next, the video transitions to Branch Yoga’s instructors and teachers, illustrating the variety of services being offered, the various levels, and the teaching types available. Once again, the narration and testimonials are juxtaposed with related b-roll of the classes and (pretty cool) equipment being used, such as aerial yoga.

The video includes testimonials from Branch Yoga’s very own clients. This is proven to be an incredibly useful technique to incorporate into company profile videos. If you are able to let your clients speak for your business, choose this option. Other clients are more likely to listen to the opinions of your current clients rather than you as a business owner – think of how online reviews work. These client testimonials help to discuss not only the products and services you offer, but also your business’ atmosphere. And for this particular business, it is important to showcase the environment within Branch Yoga & Wellness.

Throughout the video, Key West incorporated a great deal of varying b-roll to illustrate the various classes and made use of dynamic editing techniques to improve the aesthetics of the company profile.

Case Study: Branch Yoga & Wellness
Try Branch Yoga’s Aerial Yoga Classes

Finally, the video ends with the all important call to action – attend a Branch yoga class, visit the website, or find them on Facebook.

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Case Study: NABS Kili Climb 2014

NABS and Keywest have joined forces on a variety of projects over the past several years. This year, we have provided NABS with a powerful testimonial video aimed at fundraising for their Kilimanjaro climb.

Case Study: NABS Kili Climb 2014
NABS Kili Climb 2014

NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society) is a charitable organization set up exclusively to provide assistance to people in the marketing and communications industries who may need help due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.

This year, NABS plans to raise $ 250,000 in support of our colleagues in need, while giving 30 industry members a life-changing opportunity to challenge themselves physically and mentally. The industry charity is calling for its members to foster mental toughness and community-building, through an adventuresome trek up a legendary mountain. Tanzania’s 19,300 foot-high Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing peak in the world. The NABS Climb will be via the Lemosho route, a slow and steady trek that has a 98% summit rate.

NABS continues to support over 1100 families/year from every region in Canada, 50% of whom are challenged due to financial difficulty, illness and the fallout of dramatic industry job losses and shifts. For hundreds of people, the end of the month is their biggest mountain to climb. The 2015 Kilimanjaro project will not only raise money to help fund 130 cases now, it will set clinical programs in motion to assist professionals with career and lifelong stress management, the fastest-growing hurdle in the industry. — NABS

Keywest lent a helping hand this year by producing a powerful video for Asaph Benun, one of this year’s climbers, and also an industry member whose baby boy Gabriel has been battling cancer. This video is aimed at creating awareness, explaining what NABS does, and also acts a fundraiser for the climb.

Keywest values and appreciates the work that NABS has been able to do since their inception. That is why we have chosen to partner with them to help support their efforts through the power of video.

For further information on the 2015 Kilimanjaro Climb, go to:
http://nabs.orgTwitter: #KiliClimbForNABS
Facebook: NABS Canada

Case Study: Wings of Hope Highlight Video

Keywest was pleased to work with PrepSkills and Wings of Hope for the Wings of Hope book launch at the end of May. We created this highlight video to showcase the spectacular event.

PrepSkills published “Wings of Hope”, a collection of inspiring words and images to distribute to the Princess Margaret Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children and select Clinics, Charities, Hospices and Doctors Offices.

The Wings of Hope book launch for Childhood Cancer Canada Educational Scholarships took place at Crestwood Preparatory College in Toronto on Saturday, May 31st, 2014. The event was intended to help raise funds to support scholarships for childhood cancer survivors through sales of Wings of Hope 2014 Journals. The book launch included a variety of entertainment and activities for the whole family, and Keywest was there to capture it all.

Notable speakers/performers included:

  • Joanna Severino, President, PREPSKILLS & Founder, Wings of Hope
  • Megan Davidson, President, Childhood Cancer Canada
  • Assia Messaoudi – Childhood cancer survivor hero who is a recipient of CCC educational scholarship
  • Michael Martchenko – Illustrator of Robert Munsch books
  • Suzie McNeil – Canadian pop rock artist, Juno Award Nominee

Keywest created a highlight video of the Wings of Hope book launch to capture the essence of the event and showcase its participants and attendees. The video combined footage of the event’s participants, snippets of the speakers/performers, a symbolic butterfly release, dynamic photographs, and inspiring audio by Suzie McNeil to create a warm and intriguing video for the event.

Case Study: Wings of Hope Highlight Video
Wings of Hope Book Launch

#WriteForLife: Inspire others with your words of wisdom, consciousness to new ideas, blessings of hope, revelations of an illuminating journey, recollections that replenish the spirit, or rejoicing stories of courage and triumph. An inspiring artistic submission will also be chosen for the book cover. #WingsOfHope is designed to help each of us connect to a deeper and greater understanding and appreciation of life and the potential that it offers. Life is a gift, and the best way to honour that gift is to, like a butterfly, simply take wing and fly.

Click here to purchase Wings of Hope

Case Study: aluCine Highlight Reel

aluCine 14th annual Latin Film + Media Arts Festival was back in April and Keywest was happy to create a highlight reel to showcase some of the event’s greatest moments and those involved!

Keywest created a video that showcased the festival’s events, participants, volunteers, and organizers. Our videographers captured footage of every major event and testimonials from the key players within the aluCine community. The festival featured #ShortFilms, media-arts exhibitions, performances, artist talks, industry panel discussions, and much more. This year’s focus shone a spotlight on Mexico’s vibrant culture showcasing Mexican best of #ContemporaryCinema and media. The Keywest team combined dynamic footage with interesting interviews and testimonials to create an intriguing #HighlightVideo that is sure you make you attend next year’s festival!

Keywest was proud to be one of the major sponsors for this year’s #aluCine festival – the event displayed excellence and innovation in contemporary Latin American film and new media works. The annual festival functions as a vital Canadian outlet for emerging and established Latin filmmakers living in Canada, Latin America and the diaspora, while the year-round screenings, symposiums and workshops promote the development of #LatinFilm and culture in #Toronto.

Case Study: aluCine Highlight Reel

For the last twenty years, aluCine has presented a panorama of challenging and unique #LatinAmericanFilms by #LatinoArtists living in Canada and abroad. As a Latin American media festival in Canada, aluCine facilitates a convergence of Northern and Southern aesthetic and cultural sensibilities, broadening common understandings of what it means to be Latino, both in Canada and internationally. aluCine seeks to keep the culture surrounding Latin short film alive and well, be it fiction, documentary, animation or experimental. aluCine is committed to functioning as an outlet for the Latino community as a whole while embracing our community’s extraordinary diversity.

Did you attend #aluCine2014? Let us know your thoughts!

Free-Them PSA Launch

Free-Them is an initiative that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to abolish global human trafficking the modern slave trade.

A large part of their message is emphasizing that slavery is a contemporary issue. Not only does slavery still exist, but there are more people in slavery than ever before in history.

Free-Them is holding their 5th Annual Freedom Walk in downtown Toronto on September 27th.

Keywest Video has partnered with Free-Them to produce a PSA for the walk event. Free-Them founder, Shae Invidiata collaborated with our camera team to design a haunting visual that echoed one of Free-Them’s previous viral graphic campaigns.

This shoot involved a single camera setup and rotating actors. This presented a unique challenge when it came to editing the piece. Similar shots, or shots from the same angle, are often jarring when cut together. This challenge was addressed at every step of the production, to ensure that the transitions were smooth. A panning key light over the actors face, helped “bookend” each shot, preparing it for a transition. That, combined with practical fog on set, and some additional fog effects added in the editing process really helped free the shot from any visual “anchors” in the background, easing the progression from one shot to the next.

Another important aspect of this PSA is its unique colour correction. In corporate video production, colour correction is often used to help “normalize” a shot’s hues, white balance and saturation. In this case, it was used to accentuate the mood of the piece.

Free-Them PSA Launch
Free-Them colour correction

As you can see in this side-by-side comparison, we wanted to make the image seem colder and darker. The blue hues are intended to give the audience a feeling that the character might be outside in the moonlight and the de-saturating the image helped to pull back the warm colours in the skin tones, giving it a more uniform tone. You can read more about dramatic colour theory for cinematographers at

You can find more information, or register for the walk in the event section of the #FreeThem website. The 5th Annual Freedom Walk (#FreedomWalk2014) is presented by the Fairmont Royal York and the walk itself starts at the Fairmont Royal York Toronto on September 27th.