Chevron: Corporate Video Misleads

Lawsuits points to a Corporate Video that misleads: Chevron

Always remember that video is a communication piece. It must be vetted and protected. It looks like Chevron might have been loose with their message in a recent Corporate Video to shareholders.

“Any objective analysis can easily show that the video used by Watson was misleading on a number of counts,” said Karen Hinton, the U.S. spokesperson for the Ecuadorian indigenous communities suing Chevron for dumping 16 billion gallons of toxic “water of formation” into the streams and rivers of the rainforest when it operated an oil concession from 1964 to 1992.”

The article points to direct choices made by Chevron to omit information and utilize out of context quotes in their video. Sometimes taking the heat for something you did wrong is a lot better then trying to hide from the problem and make false claims about the truth.

Here is an example of citizen feedback that gets produced when companies do not own up to their mistakes.

This is the link to the article discussed above if you are interested in learning more about Chevron’s case.

A corporate video is a communication video. You should care for it as much as any brochure or press release you make, because it is making a statement on behalf of your company.

Here is an article describing the best ways to handle bad press. Trust me, it does not include making false claims to the public!

Chevron: Corporate Video Misleads
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