Fun Video Marketing Techniques

Video marketing is (or should be) key to your overall marketing campaign. But many companies are faced with the question: how do we make it fun and interesting?

There are many different ways to use video for your marketing campaign – here at Key West, we’re always creating promotional videos, company profiles, informational videos, etc. for marketing campaigns – but what can you do to really make your marketing strategy pop? Make it fun, of course. We always find that it’s best to use humour. Create a video that not only gets your message out there, but also gets people talking about your brand, product, or service.

Fun Video Marketing Techniques
Google Analytics uses humour in their video marketing campaign

Several advertising agencies and companies have tried some cool and interesting video marketing strategies over the years that many consumers have not only found to be entertaining, but also memorable.

Google Analytics has created an entertaining video marketing campaign titled “Google Analytics in Real Life”, which showcases the importance of search engine optimization and takes a look at analyzing your website-consumer interactions. Take a look at this accurate (but funny) video about Landing Page Optimization.

For Valentine’s Day, auto company Ford created “Speed Dating Prank” as part of their online video marketing strategy. It follows a series of men that unsuspectingly go on a blind date with a professional stunt driver – needless to say, the video is entertaining, but also showcases the abilities and features of the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Now, a fun video marketing campaign doesn’t need to have a huge budget, it simply requires a great idea. Many campaigns are successful because 1. They are hilarious, 2. They are simple, and 3. They are relatable to the target audience. You’ll want a video marketing campaign that people talk about and share – that is key.

Interested in improving your next video marketing campaign? Contact us at Key West today. We can help with everything from pre-production (scriptwriting, storyboarding, etc.) all the way to deliveries.

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