The Net Neutrality Debate

The Net Neutrality Debate & Its Implications on Copyright

Where would we be today without the wonderful collection of information known as the World Wide Web? The Net has become so synonymous with daily life, that going back to not having it as a resource would be unthinkable. Especially here in North America, if we think about every interaction we have on any given day, the majority of those interaction have some connection to the Web and the use of its stored knowledge.

The inventor of the Web is a man named Tim Berners Lee, who is also the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which has an interest in the continued development of the Web. One of the major concerns of the W3C is Net Neutrality, and the impact that corporations may have on the Web.

Net Neutrality is “the principle that data packets on the Internet should be moved impartially, without regard to content, destination or source” Search Networking.

Here is a video explaining why Net Neutrality is necessary and what this side of the debate is saying.

This is a comparable video which explains the other side of things, mainly how Net Neutrality can be negative for individuals, especially in regards to internet prices.

How Does Net Neutrality Affect Copyright?

The issue with the web right now is that it is so open, and allows so many individuals to access resources, that people are becoming used to the ability to violate copyright laws. Content on the Web from music to films to scholarly articles, have the ability to be extracted and utilized by anyone with the know-how to do so. What this does is undermine the work done by those who created the content for their own purpose. Ultimately individuals become custom to taking others work and using it for their own need. In today’s open source Web, nothing is seen as off-limits.

Influence on Corporate Video

The implications which common Copyright violation have for a production company such as Keywest, is that it affects how our business is run, and how others see our business. In the past, video production was seen as an intricate industry that required a great deal of skill and investment. But with accelerated access to images, music, and film online, and with the reduced cost of production equipment and software, the video production field does not have the prestige and authority it once had.

In the past production companies could charge clients for each aspect of the video project, for example, you could charge for stock footage, music, and graphics based on how much it cost you or the time it took to produce, and clients were happy to pay for it. In today’s landscape though, and with the open access to content online, clients have a hard time understanding the costs associated with purchasing a music library, and stock images or graphics. The online space today makes it difficult for clients to understand copyright and that they have to pay (often large sums) for what they are looking for, as they are unaware that a large portion of videos online, which are created by amateurs, violate copyright.

The Future

Therefore, the possibilities of Net Neutrality and what it will provide can be seen as a negative for the corporate field, as it may only increase the amount of accessible content, and will further penalize the video production industry. Yet, their are downsides from not implementing Net Neutrality, as there are possibilities that large Corporations may in turn dominate the online realm, which may create a lack of freedom and creative expression.

The concern is that artists should get paid for their content and should not have to reduce the quality of their work due to online amateurs producing videos rampant with copyright violation. Yet, it could be worse if a few large corporations take over and control all of the content online.

What is your take on this issue?

If you want to learn more about the Net Neutrality debate visit:

The Net Neutrality Debate
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NABS: Videos That Make a Difference

NABS: Videos That Make a Difference

We here at Keywest Video recently had the pleasure of producing and donating a powerful video to The National Advertising Benevolent Society, known as NABS. They are a great organization which assists individuals from the marketing and communications industry, who are going through difficult times due to an illness, injury or unemployment.

Watch this video to learn more about NABS and some of the individuals who have been greatly impacted by NABS assistance.

NABS helps people who are out of work for a variety of reasons, and gives them assistance in getting back on their feet. They not only provide financial assistance for up to three months, for those who are looking for freelance or permanent employment, but they also can give financial, career, and personal counseling. In addition there are personal development workshops as well that individuals can rely on for added support and resources.

In today’s economy the competition for jobs is at an all time high, and the Communications field is harder to get into then ever before. NABS provides useful assistance, during a time, and in a field that really needs it. They recognized that this type of concern has plagued many Canadians, yet it is also a concern that does not often get much attention.

If you or someone you know is in the Communications or Marketing industry, this is a great non-profit to get involved with! You can join the ambassadors network today by contacting David Baron at 416-218-3573 or, and Tim Lamch at 416-924-6664 Ext. 263 or

Connect with them on Facebook – NABS Ambassadors or through their website

NABS: Videos That Make a Difference
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Dubbing TRIEC Videos Into French

Dubbing TRIEC Videos Into French

I’m here at Studio SPR in Montreal dubbing all three TRIEC videos into Quebecois French.

Studio SPR is a major dubbing house handling a variety of Mixing and Dubbing projects. Right now they are working on “The Tudors”.

The process is very cool

Months ago, we send them the videos and scripts. They put the scripts through Detection. This is the process of translating the video into French with words that will fit with the mouths of the actors talking in English. It is a specialized profession and very tricky.

Next Studio SPR Auditioned actors for the more difficult roles and forwarded them to Keywest. It was here where we first got a glimpse into what the final video might look like.

Now, we are in the recording studio with the Voice Talent, Dubbing Director, and Audio engineer.
Dubbing TRIEC Videos Into French

The talent (the actor) will read hear the video in English, receive direction, and listen to the tone of the English voices. The audio engineer will then replay the video with the translated words above the video so that the talent can repeat the scene in French.

Dubbing TRIEC Videos Into French

The audio is recorded, cleaned up, sound effect added and mixed. Keywest then adds the new audio track as an option on the dvd and remasters.

Dubbing TRIEC Videos Into French
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Digital Golf Coach Case Study

Digital Golf Coach Case Study


Digital Golf Coach (DGC) is an innovative product that helps golfers improve their swing. It is a digital device that attaches onto an individuals club and collects data on their speed and accuracy which helps them analyze their performance. The CEO of DGC Michael Van Hunnik was looking for a corporate video to highlight his cutting edge product.

One consideration was the fact that this product would be utilized by golf trainers as well as individual golfers, and they would thus be using the product in a slightly different way. This meant that a video created with one of those target markets in mind, would not address the other target markets needs.

Another important aspect of this project was the fact that this was a brand new product, which needed to be introduced to the market. Breaking into the Canadian marketplace can be a difficult task especially if the product is something that no one has heard of before. So we needed to ensure the videos would be interesting while also really communicating the key message, which was how greatly the Digital Golf Coach could improve performance.

Lastly, there is another element that comes into play when promoting the benefits of a new product, and that is the fact that this device is complicated to try to explain in a short time frame. It is a device in which you can analyze multiple aspects of your swing performance, as well as upload the information to a computer to later compare with your own or friends performances. The fact that it is multifaceted and can help golfers at all levels with a variety of functions, proves to be difficult when trying to simply explain in a limited time span.


The fact that regular golf fans, and professional golf trainers would be utilizing this product for separate needs was something that Michael our client was aware of, and wanted to differentiate through producing two separate videos aimed at each market. Therefore it was decided that it was necessary to create a video with a professional golfer explaining to individual golfers how to best make use of the DGC for their advantage. While another video aimed at golf trainers was made to address the products ability to aid in teaching people to golf as well.

Creating a video which showcases what the product is and how it can be used is integral for this type of situation. This required a close working relationship with Michael Van Hunnik, to ensure that his marketing points were being met, while also highlighting the product in a visually engaging fashion. As everyone knows, products that have strong visual accompaniment in their marketing initiatives sell better than those without. But that is even more so the case if that visual engagement is well received. Creating compelling content that a golf fan could not look away from, was the target goal of this project.

The fact that this product had many functions for different purposes is a great benefit for customers, but proves to be difficult to explain in a short video. Therefore one of the key aspects that we took part in, was taking the time to understand the product and all of its facets so we could effectively communicate the benefits of the DGC and how best to utilize it for each individuals needs. Having a great client who is easy to work with and aids in the process did not hurt either!

Check out one of the videos we produced for Digital Golf Coach below, and a quote from Michael Van Hunnik!

“There is not much you can tell about Key West, YOU GOTTA TALK TO THEM & SEE IT! True professionals guiding you from start to finish, experienced and never ending until you are satisfied. Just a pleasure to work with all of you! A big thanks to the team of Key West, and we will continue to work with them on our next projects”.

-Michael Van Hunnik
Digital Golf Coach Pro

To Get Your Video Challenges Solved Contact Key West Video today!

Digital Golf Coach Case Study
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Youtube Gets a Bit More Professional

Now you can remove the YouTube Logo!

Everyone knows that Youtube has become a staple for online videos, and increasingly as a common place for companies to showcase their corporate videos.

Youtube now allows removing of it’s logo on it’s embedding code. This feature will be a benefit for those who uploaded a video to Youtube, but want to post or link to the video from their website, or any other separate site, and still look professional.

Business publishers have a lot of choices for places to host their professional videos in this day and age.  The ability to now remove the YouTube logo is both generous and wise. It will make the site even more attractive to serious video publishers.

At Keywest Video we now add the code tag to all of our video links, just paste- ?modestbranding=1 -after the scr= link.

Here is a sample of a Keywest demo reel.


Removing You Tube logo

Remove the title
leave the title= filed blank

Turn off Title & Ratings

Turn off Search

Turn on Related Videos

Turn off Annotations

Force Closed Captions

Turn on AutoPlay (not recommended)

Loop Playback

Remove Full Screen Option (not sure why you’d want to)
Happy Youtubing!

Youtube Gets a Bit More Professional
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