Youtube Gets a Bit More Professional

Now you can remove the YouTube Logo!

Everyone knows that Youtube has become a staple for online videos, and increasingly as a common place for companies to showcase their corporate videos.

Youtube now allows removing of it’s logo on it’s embedding code. This feature will be a benefit for those who uploaded a video to Youtube, but want to post or link to the video from their website, or any other separate site, and still look professional.

Business publishers have a lot of choices for places to host their professional videos in this day and age.  The ability to now remove the YouTube logo is both generous and wise. It will make the site even more attractive to serious video publishers.

At Keywest Video we now add the code tag to all of our video links, just paste- ?modestbranding=1 -after the scr= link.

Here is a sample of a Keywest demo reel.


Removing You Tube logo

Remove the title
leave the title= filed blank

Turn off Title & Ratings

Turn off Search

Turn on Related Videos

Turn off Annotations

Force Closed Captions

Turn on AutoPlay (not recommended)

Loop Playback

Remove Full Screen Option (not sure why you’d want to)
Happy Youtubing!

Youtube Gets a Bit More Professional
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -YouTube gets a bit more Professional

CarNation Case Study

CarNation Case Study


CarNation is a collaborative group of used car dealerships in the greater Toronto area, which were looking to create a series of TV commercial spots to promote their $25,000 giveaway contest this past summer.

The challenge with CarNation was that they had a unique branding task, as while the video’s key message was to promote the upcoming contest, each individual video highlighted a specific dealership. This meant CarNation needed to maintain full creative control, as their circumstance required the inclusion of multiple brands which demanded a well thought out and executed plan.

Due to the nature of the videos being contest oriented and made for TV, they needed to be produced in a specific time frame with no delays. There was a deadline for the contest and pre-paid television spots so there was no room for error.

Lastly, and often most importantly for companies who have to think about their bottom line, the videos produced needed to be affordable and effective. While they were spending money not only on the production of the videos, but also on the commercial spots, they needed to be sure that the videos would grab viewers attention. Also they needed to showcase CarNation as a whole, as well as the individual dealerships in a positive and cohesive manner.


We at Keywest understood the importance of creating a consistent feel throughout all of CarNation’s ten videos, while also highlighting the individual dealerships brand in each case. We created the videos with the CarNation brand at the forefront, and also left room to showcase the dealerships as well. The need for flexibility and re-working by CarNation was fully understood, and we kept in close content with their team throughout the process so that every aspect was re-informing the branding message they wanted and required.

The time frame was well thought out as we realized the importance of timeliness for this project, and we were very conscious of every deadline. We maintained a well organized schedule during the initial concept creation, filming, and throughout post-production as well.

At Keywest Video we understand that companies need to be fully conscious of every dime they spend, and make sure that they are getting a good return on their investment. From the beginning stages of brainstorming until adding the final editing touches we keep this at the forefront of our minds. As a production company the better ROI that you get for your clients, the more repeat customers you will receive. Therefore, making sure that each company that we interact with gets a solid video which attracts attention and completes their desired results is a key to the success of our own business.

CarNation’s commercial contest spots were a huge success for their business, and we loved working with them. Check out one of the videos KeyWest produced for them below, and also a quote from their experience with us.

“Everyone at Key West Video has been a pleasure to work with. Not only are they courteous people, but also very easy to collaborate with. Many times, we encounter video production companies that want to tell us how our company should be represented in a video. And the filming process can be disorganized, time consuming, and lacking in direction. Although we appreciate expertise, we do not appreciate ego which prevents the creative and collaborative process. The team at Key West Video were extremely helpful in the development of our creative concepts, and as a result, we were more than pleased with the end result. The shoots were well planned, well directed, and very quick. Our videos produced by Key West Video are by far, our best work. We are more proud of these videos than anything we’ve ever done in the past. We can’t wait to start the next series!”

Michelle Ciampaglia
Vice President
Car > Nation Canada

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CarNation Case Study
Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -CarNation Case Study

Great Voice-Over Technology Corporate Video

Great Voice-Over:

I thought you’d like this old Corporate Video about the first Motorola cell phone; it’s got a great voice-over, that really brings you back to the era.

This video is really just meant to be fun, but there are some interesting takeaways.

The large cell phones, dated clothes, and old format make me laugh.
My father had one of those phones. Now I have an iPhone 4.

I do love that great voice-over. There has been a trend to younger voices with less authority. Younger voices are cleaner, more casual and have less authority. The voice-over in this video is older, and really gives it a feel that you don’t find in a lot of voice-overs nowadays.  I can almost smell the cigarette smoke in the recording booth.


Great Voice-Over Technology Corporate Video
Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Production Toronto

Key West Video always helps our clients find a great voice-over for their corporate video!  We will help you decide on male or female voices, the tone, and energy of the voice, and we’ll get the voice-over talent to record your script just the way you want it.

TRIEC Screening

In the winter we premiered our latest TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council) video, Integrating Talent at the Nation Film Board in Toronto. I got a chance to speak about the video and its importance not only in training but with helping us understand others.

“Organizations often want to distill things into very simple sentences and didactic things. And people are more complicated than that.”

“We interviewed a bunch of writers, and Sugith came in, and he said Listen, you gotta do it this way. you gotta tell the story of the people. You can’t just jump into a meeting and not know who these people are and what they are about.”

“By seeing what people are like, by experiencing what they experience, then different sides can understand, the higher management can understand the skilled professional.”
David Lees

“These two movies were produced as training tools to help employers identify and articulate their own immigrant employment challenges. Filmed as a fictional drama, and informed by the experiences of local human resource professionals, both videos help viewers to examine organizational practices and the cultural biases that have the potential to create barriers for skilled immigrants, both as job candidates and employees.
However, rather than focusing on specific recruitment or integration barriers, the producers instead chose to show the development of human relationships along a pre- or post-hire continuum, reflecting real-life, interpersonal dynamics that are often difficult to articulate or discuss openly.”
-The National Film Board of Canada