Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study

Mosino app explainer backpage

Today is international virtual assistants day. We’re unsure if that means virtual assistants are being celebrated or we’re celebrating all the help virtual assistants provide? Either way, it gives us an excuse to look at an explainer we did for our client’s Mosino app. We promoted their all-in-one hospitality platform with the story of Karen.


To illustrate all the features and benefits of the Mosino app, we wrote a script using a character called Karen. This animated traveler is introduced at the start of the video. By the twelve second mark, the audience knows Karen is on vacation, she’s going to a hotel with good reviews, and she’s using the Mosino app to make her stay more convenient and enjoyable. In a very short amount of time, we’ve given a viewer all the information they need to understand what the video is about and how the information will be presented.

Product Capability

Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study
Showing off the cross-platform capability

One of our client’s objectives was to show the cross-platform capability of their app. Throughout the video, we see Karen using her phone to book appointments, make requests, and share information. This is how most hotel guests will use Mosino. However, we also see Karen use a tablet and get information from a tv screen. Instead of listing these platforms as options, we show Karen interacting with each device. Every time Karen uses her phone or another platform, the viewer sees the information as it would be displayed in real life. This mix of animation and graphics gives the app a familiar feel that facilitates user experience when the app is downloaded.

Target Market

The Mosino app is marketed to hotels. Purchasing officers and hotel employees are the ones who need to understand the benefits of using Mosino. Not only do we see how this service makes Karen’s life easier, but we also see hotel employees using the app to help them perform better. The video highlights how the spa manager can up-sell a service Karen has booked, we see hotel employees communicate with each other for increased efficiency, and we witness Karen alert staff to her needs. All of these examples relate to the ways the app can assist with overall hotel management.

Additional Benefits

Mosino App Digital Concierge Case Study
“Karen” using the Mosino app

Using a character to sell a product or service is different than using an icon-based animation. With Karen, the audience should be able to see themselves in the featured scenarios. We’re showcasing the benefits of the Mosino app by taking the viewer through actions they’ll recognize. To keep the audience in the story, we don’t like to break out of character to list additional benefits. Instead, we wrote the important information about security features and cloud capability into the script in a way that was natural. The flow of the video remains uninterrupted and all the relevant information is provided.

Summary of Mosino App

The Mosino app video ends with a summary of how the product is useful for hotels. We start with our star, Karen, by pointing out that a happy customer leads to good reviews, return visits, and increased business. Then we move on to the hotel staff and talk about increased efficiency, good morale, and overall cost savings. It all adds up to better business. The last shot of the video acts as a CTA with the Mosino logo, url, and where you can buy the product.

Video SEO Key to Better Results

Is there anything video can’t do? It informs, entertains, educates, helps your website rank higher in searches. What? You didn’t know about that last benefit? Video SEO is not the same as other kinds of SEO. A video can make your website or channel easier to find. We don’t just mean in a video search, we’re talking about a higher ranking even in a universal search. The way search engines and their related algorithms use video has changed significantly in the last few years. It’s time to take advantage of video SEO.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the practice of optimizing your video so it will rank higher on search engine results pages. Video rankings are based a number of ways your video performs for users. For example, how long are users watching your video and staying on your web page? Do you have keywords related to your video and are you using them correctly? If you take the time to optimize your video, you can increase the chance of it showing up in search results. A video that’s well-optimized can increase its chances of scoring a front page Google spot by a factor of 53!

How Google Ranks Video

Video SEO Key to Better Results
Google ranks videos by relevancy & authority

The goal of every business is to show up on the first page of a Google search. The dream is to show up as the first result—that is, after paid ads. Google ranks videos for relevancy and authority. Relevancy judges how relevant your video is to the search query and user intent. Authority is a measure of how many people trust what your video says, measured by backlinks and domains that reference your video.

Let’s look at a how-to video as an example. This kind of video ranks highly in video SEO. That’s because a search for how do I tie a bowtie? will likely result in a video called How to Tie a Bowtie. This result perfectly is relevant and exactly the information the user wanted. Google digs through video descriptions to find the best answer to a query. With the right description, including relevant keywords, a video can be a featured snippet. Dream achieved!

How YouTube Ranks Video

Video SEO Key to Better Results
Engagement matters most to YouTube

We all know YouTube is the place for videos and the second largest search engine in the world. So it should be no surprise that studies show 88% of videos on the first page of Google are from YouTube. When it comes to ranking, YouTube puts engagement at the top of its list. Engagement is determined by actions such as watch time, shares, likes, and comments. Video SEO is also ranked by how well the title, description, and video content align with the search.

Help your video rank higher by doing a little research. Consider what you would type into YouTube to find your video or information on the topic covered in your video. Use YouTube suggest to see a list of relevant queries and to see the keywords other similar videos are using. You can also add up to three hashtags on a video description that appears above the video title. Use every opportunity available to get your video ranked in a search result.

Title + Description + Page

Remember how you did that research to see what keywords are ranking for your product or service? Now it’s time to put them to use. The title and description of your video is the first opportunity to boost video SEO. Really think about the words you use here to cash in on relevant language that engages the reader. When the video shows up in a search, you want that person to be compelled to click the link.

Placement is also important for video SEO. Choose a page related to the video and make it the focal point by placing it above the fold. When a searcher clicks on your result, you want that video to be front-and-centre on the page. If they have to search for it, they may give up. Finally, keep the video on a single web page so it’s not competing against itself in rankings.

Video SEO Key to Better Results
Little changes can make a big difference in ranking

Tips to Make Your Video Rank Higher

Keywords are an obvious way to help video SEO. But there are some other tricks that can float your video to the top of the results list.

  • Transcribe your video. Making your videos accessible to a larger audience and scrapable by search bots with additional text on the page.
  • Shorter videos get better completion rates, leading to a higher ranking
  • Put video on multiple platforms so that it’s ubiquitous
  • Native uploads lead to more shares and a higher ranking
  • Keep video metadata relevant and updated so it’s efficiently crawled by search engine bots
  • Submit a video sitemap to Google along with some information using webmaster tool for better page indexing
  • Choose a good, engaging, eye-catching, representative thumbnail for your video. This is what the searcher will see first to decide whether to click through.
  • Insert your target keyword in your video file. This is another way you tell search engines what your video is about rather than a string of random number and letters.
  • Optimize video descriptions. YouTube displays the first 125 characters, so make the most of them to engage searchers.

Raise Your Ranking

Video is no longer an afterthought when it comes to search engine rankings. Pay as much attention to how you index your videos as you do the rest of your content and ride the ranking wave. But remember this: without a video, there is no video SEO. Call us today for a free quote on a piece of content that will help people find your business.

Real Estate Videos SOLD Here

luxury condo living room and kitchen from real estate video

Spring is the most popular time of year to buy or sell a home. May has historically had the highest number of home listings in Canada and also sees the highest number of home sales (along with June). Sure, there are a lot of responsibilities tied to home ownership, but there’s also an undeniable sense of satisfaction. We’re celebrating the first day of this popular home-hunting month, and New Home Owners Day, with a blog on real estate videos.

Toronto Real Estate Board

We worked with the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) to create a pair of videos in the spring of 2018. This not-for-profit corporation has been around for almost a century, acting as a collective voice for commercial and residential realtor members. In the Toronto area, TREB represents more than 53,000 licensed real estate brokers and salespersons.

The real estate videos produced for TREB were made for social media. We started with a script that evoked the warm feelings of home. It was our goal to connect with the audience emotionally. Talking about the people, celebrations, and comfort provided by a home was an effective way to make the viewer think about their own positive home-related experiences.

The first real estate video was comprised of stock footage. We open with a drone shot of a neighbourhood and the question What is a home? Images depict warm and intimate moments of family togetherness and personal relaxation. These are followed by footage of new homeowners moving in. The audience sees a couple conferring with a realtor and the piece ends with a celebration and the CTA.

Real Estate Videos SOLD Here


The second real estate video is a mix of whiteboard animation and stock footage. The script begins with a literal definition of the structure of a house. We see hand-drawn animation morph into a real house when the voice-over talks about the people who make a house a home. Stock footage of three different families working with realtors plays as we hear about the advantages of working with TREB. As with the first video, the second video ends with a CTA.

Real Estate Videos SOLD Here

Living Realty

Real estate broker Wins Lai was the focus of two videos we produced for Living Realty. Lai works with developers, sellers, and buyers in resale and new pre-construction condos in the Toronto area. She specializes in luxury properties and her fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese enables her to work with overseas investors.

Lai wanted to create real estate videos for her website and the first one has a lifestyle focus. The client wanted to show her daily routine as a way to connect with clients on a personal level. The video opens with a shot of the CN Tower, then we see Lai at home with her dog and doing some work on a laptop. The rest of the video is the story of Lai meeting with clients, showing them a beautiful condo, and sealing the deal. This simple concept allowed us to tell the story using only footage and music. Lai’s contact information and credentials appear as graphics at the end of the video, along with the words: Hire an agent that lives your lifestyle.

Real Estate Videos SOLD Here


The second real estate video is a series of three testimonials. After an introductory page with Lai’s name and title, we hear from a real estate lawyer. Then we hear from a mortgage agent who has used Lai’s services. Finally, we see a real estate investor speaking Mandarin. Using this last testimonial helps Lai connect with overseas clients and gives her credibility with a specific segment of the market. As with the first video, we end with Lai’s contact information, credentials, and lifestyle slogan.

Real Estate Videos SOLD Here

Sold on Real Estate Videos

If you’re buying a home this spring, congratulations! And if you know someone buying a home, don’t forget to give them a housewarming gift. For those who facilitate home sales, you may want to consider the power of real estate videos. For more information and a free quote, give Key West Video a call today.

Haiku Video Production Business Case

haiku video

Today is Haiku Day. In honour of this day, we’ve created a blog composed of haikus. In just 17 syllables total, we’ll tell you some of the advantages of using video to promote your products and services. Actually, that’s just one of the things video can accomplish. Read on for more in the form of three-line poems that follow a 5-7-5 pattern.

Something for Everyone

Animation or live

Raise funds, branding, engagement

Reach target market

Our Clients

Small or large business

Education to healthcare

Just the beginning

Haiku Video Production Business Case
Video can help you grow your business

The Team in Haiku

Video experts

Plan, shoot, edit, write, produce

Final project shines

Final Thoughts

Professional team

Marketing that works for you

Call for a free quote