2015 Trends in Video Production

2015 Is Going To Be a Big Year For Online Video Marketing, Here Are Some Trends We Anticipate

2015 Trends in Video Production

It is easy to say that video is a big part of any companies marketing strategy. The truth is that online video marketing has become more important every year, and the trend is only gaining momentum. Marketers are finding more innovative and targeted ways to use online video to interact with their audiences, and are having great success utilizing video as a tool. The following are just a few of the trends that we believe 2015 has in store.

Longer length

Due to the fact Smart TV’s are now becoming more and more common in the average person’s home, individuals have the ability to easily stream online videos like they would a TV show or a movie. Therefore audiences are more likely to watch longer online videos on a larger screen, within the comfort of their home.

Don’t get me wrong though, this trend is just in its infant stage. Short and sweet is still the reigning king. YouTube says 50% of their traffic is from mobile devices (VideoUniversity.com).

We will continue to direct our clients to produce videos that won’t deter people from watching due to their length, and will communicate the right information in a short amount of time.

However in certain scenarios, especially for the type of content that one might watch when at home on their TV, such as a web series or viral video, the format is expanding. Even though Instagram allows for 15 second clips, and vine only 6 seconds, there will be more of a distinction between videos for mobile viewing, and online videos which will be watched on a big screen. We will have to wait and see just how impactful this new trend may become in 2015.

Video Landing Pages

We all know that video is important to a company’s online presence. The image below showcases how web placement is still the number one use of video for marketing needs. Audiences are more likely to watch a video on someone’s website rather than read the surrounding content any day. So the trend we anticipate to see more of in 2015 is video landing pages.

2015 Trends in Video Production
Found at: advideoproduction.com

If the company has a new product out, is launching a new campaign, or simply wants to explain who they are, a landing page video is an excellent way to do that. What it does is directs users to what to pay attention to first. It tells them, this is the most important information I need you to know about right away. And we believe audiences will appreciate that.

It helps set the tone for who the company is and allows you to focus on the most important information that you want to get across to your viewers. A landing page is fully customizable, so you can really create some unique user experiences. As always, a strong call to action throughout and at the end of the video will help hit the message home.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, Marketing Tech Blog found that adding video to a landing page resulted in a 130.5% increase in leads (goanimate.com). How’s that for some reassurance?

More Animation

Animation is something that has been around for quite some time, and in a wide range of forms. Today we have exceptional 3D animators who can create a fantasy world right before our eyes. There are also tons of uses for animation in the corporate video sphere: you probably have seen a fair share of infographics and whiteboard style videos.

We anticipate to see more of this trend in 2015, and in a variety of creative yet cost-effective forms. Animation provides the ability to represent virtually anything you want. Forget about the weather, time of day, or hiring quality on-screen talent, all you need is a solid script and an interesting way of expressing it visually.

Animation provides endless possibilities and we forecast that brands are going to be utilizing this medium extensively in 2015. Now we will just have to wait and see!

2014 Trends in Video Production

2014 Trends: Here’s What We Witnessed

2014 Trends in Video Production

Corporate video production is becoming more integral to organization’s marketing strategies year after year. Last year around this time we outlined in our post, Online Video Trends: Expectations for 2014, what we thought would be the hot trends in 2014. After some time to reflect here is what we believe were the biggest hits and misses in our predictions.


Prediction: Video lengths are becoming shorter, especially with the advent of social media sites like Vine and Instragram’s video feature.

We have personally witnessed this with the large variety of corporate projects we produce on a regular basis. With all videos, but most prominent in promotional projects, we see client’s requesting or asking our opinion on keeping their videos under a certain length. No longer do we have to pitch this idea to our clients, that keeping a video under 2 minutes will increase click-through-rate, but the general public is becoming ever more aware of this trend. You will be hard pressed to find a promotional video produced in 2014 that is longer than the 2 minute mark. Apparently even that is too long, as on Creative Bloq’s posting by Geroge Georgeadis regarding 2014 trends, he expresses how people are 50% more likely to watch a 1 minute video to completion than a 2 minute video – talk about short attention spans!

2014 Trends in Video Production
Found on: www.advideoproduction.com

This trend however may adjust in the new year. Look out for an upcoming blog where we discuss this potential change.


Prediction: Aerial videography is going to take off. More and more production companies are going to get on-board.

Similarly with the length of a client’s video, we have found our clients have a more comprehensive understanding of, and are even specifically requesting aerial footage. In the case where it is not requested yet we suggest it, our clients seem open and welcome to the idea. Due to the pervasiveness of cost effective drones, production companies big and small are welcoming this new piece of equipment into their roster. Check out the video we produced below when testing out one of these fun little devices.


Aeriel videography really has changed the accessibility to this dynamic style of shot. Full sized helicopters don’t even provide the flexibility of flying through or within a building like a drone can. 2014 was a big year for this trend and I forecast that RC helicopters are only going to get more precise and cost effective as time goes on.


Prediction: We will be seeing a lot more of 4K, especially due to the fact that amateur videographers all around the globe are able to shoot 4K on their Go-pros.

While 4K may be something that most, if not all, filmmakers are excited to get their hands on, the reality is that the sheer size of the format is limiting. Janko Roettgers spells it out for us in an excellent article, 4k Didn’t Happen in 2014. Will Things Look Different in 2015?

“One of the problems with 4K is that it’s more expensive to produce and distribute movies in the format, while studios aren’t really convinced yet that they can make that much more money with the format. Louvion called it a chicken-and-egg problem: 4K TV sets have started to arrive in retail shelves, but without compelling content, there are not a lot of good reasons for consumers to upgrade. And without enough 4K TVs out there, it’s not easy to make money with 4K”.

If blockbuster films aren’t even being produced in 4K yet then it is pretty apparent that corporate videos won’t be joining the bandwagon anytime soon. So although there was a lot of hype and high expectations, unfortunately it looks like we will have to wait a few more years until anything significant and altering will occur.

We found it really fun to look back on what trends we predicted for 2014 and see what panned out and what didn’t. We are excited to look ahead to what 2015 holds in store for corporate video production… stay tuned!

Online Video Trends: Expectations for 2014

 Popular Online Video Trends in 2014

Over the past year Key West Video has written numerous blog posts and created video blogs on the subject of online video trends and their impoOnline Video Trends: Expectations for 2014rtance, and of course produced many online videos for our clients. As countless marketing, technology, and video professionals have noted, “online video is considered to be the fastest growing consumer service offering” (ihub Media). This is a fact that many individuals have been aware of for quite some time, but in 2014 will be undeniable. Online video is something that is not only here to stay, but rapidly growing and expanding to include new elements, including new styles, technology and social components.


With the closing of 2013 fast approaching, we thought it would be nice to look at how online video is shaping up in the coming year ahead, and expand on what we see as some of the important changes in this market.

Micro Videos

With the introduction of Vine’s 6-second video model, and Instagram’s recent video player addition, short video clips that can be quickly filmed, shared, and devoured are on the rise. Companies are even getting in on the action finding innovative ways to push their brand through these social video platforms. Methods such as ‘how to’ videos, product features, behind the scenes access, and user generated contests, have been featured, as an article on TechVibes points out.


Slow motion has been utilized for years in Hollywood actions movies. But now with the addition of a slow-mo feature on the newest iPhone, we should be seeing a lot more use of this style in the coming year. Slow motion can be a great feature that adds an interesting element to video, whether it be a shot of a car crashing into a tree, to a beautiful bird flying through the air, the impact it creates is substantial and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Aerial footage

Aerial footage adds a whole other element to a video. It not only creates an air of professionalism, but it provides a viewpoint which we don’t often see in our everyday life. Big budget productions have for years been afforded the privilege to get these wonderful angles, and only in the past few years has it become more accessible. Remote controlled helicopters are allowing smaller productions from corporate to indie films, to be able to get aerial footage in a cost effective manner.

4K video

As with the slow-mo on iPhones, and miniature drones, 4k video technology is something that is being put in the hands of casual film makers all around the world. With the introduction of 4K being able to be shot on GoPro’s, this superior quality and video resolution will be something that we will see more of in the coming year.

Mobile Video

Reel SEO states that “between 2012 and 2013, the average time spent watching videos on smartphones doubled, and on tablets, it tripled”. While some of us have been watching videos on our phones for years, in other areas, including older demographics and less tech-heavy parts of the world, smartphones are still being integrated. Therefore it is a growing market which is only going to become more important and integral to an overall branding strategy in 2014.

Interactive video

Interactivity within video is something that has been slowly gaining in popularity over the past decade. In Keywest’s blog Interactive Video: Corporate Video Rebirth we discussed how interactivity has been utilized in broadcast television, such as American Idol getting the audience to phone in and vote, to today YouTube users can embed links directly in their video content. There are so many more possibilities that have yet to be explored, such as more social elements: “like buttons which will allow viewers to pick the content they want” (ihub Media). Targeted content is what every marketer strives for, so being able to allow audiences more autonomy is a key aspect in the future of online video.

There are many other trends out there, but these are a few that we think will be important in the coming year. And while some trends are just that, trends, which will eventually fade away or at least be utilized less often, others are only in the beginning stages and have the potential to become a standard, and be integral for online video in 2014 and beyond.