Case Study: Toronto Real Estate Board

Case Study: Toronto Real Estate Board

Key West Video was recently asked to make a short promotional video for the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). The client requested a very fast turnaround, so we suggested using stock footage. In this post, we take a look at how we created a targetted video completely in-house.

Case Study: Toronto Real Estate Board

Step One: Scripting

Starting with a script gave us the framework for our video. Our in-house scripter wanted to connect with the viewer emotionally by evoking the idea that a house is very personal. The script begins with the notion that every house is structurally similar and then segues into how a home is something more. Once the warm feelings of home ownership are established, the pitch has been set up and we can promote the client’s services. As always, we end the script with a Call to Action.

Stock Footage Versatility

Case Study: Toronto Real Estate Board
Stock footage made our tight turnaround possible

The amount and diversity of stock footage makes it possible to find shots of almost anything. Using this tool gives us the ability to fill holes or produce entire videos without a single shoot day. Because the TREB video is only thirty-four seconds long, and more than half of that is graphics and animation, there wasn’t a lot of time for live action shots. In fact, the pacing meant only three shots were needed. The client liked the idea of showing young couples since they’re selling the idea of a home being a “long-term investment”. It was easy to find a selection of happy couples and excited young families to use in this video.

Quick Draw

Case Study: Toronto Real Estate Board
Animation adds to the story

After the client saw the first version of their video, they asked to include a brief animation intro. They sent an example of a house being drawn. To mimic the effect, our animator used whiteboard animation to trace the outline of the building. This approach helped reinforce the idea of a standard home being constructed and then becoming a family home with the transition to live footage.

Home Decorating

Once our home video was built, we needed to do a little decorating to really bring it to life. That meant adding music that’s light and cheerful, even hopeful. We also added some panel transitions for visual interest. Finally, we  included the client’s contact information as part of the CTA. The video ends with the TREB logo and some legalese.

Making Something Out of Nothing

At Key West Video, we can create a winning video even with tight deadlines and no original footage. There are always options to make a piece that reaches your target audience on time and on budget. Call us today for a free quote.

Co-creation Videos

Co-creation videos

Video is a hot commodity in marketing and consumers want to consume video as well as produce it. By including your target market, you’re interacting with the people you want to reach and validating their feedback. This co-creation  video approach is mutually beneficial; it gives you valuable information and makes the consumer feel connected to your brand via their contribution.

Co-creation Isn’t New

The idea of co-creation isn’t new. We were going to further define the collaborative effort, but why tell you when we can show you? Watch this excellent video explainer and apply all the principles to video! Perhaps it will inspire you to use your audience to help shape the direction of your next campaign.

Marketing to Millennials

Co-creation Videos
Millennials have always had a voice online

Millennials are accustomed to being heard through social media and user-generated content. They want and places to use their voices and assume they’ll have that option. They also expect choice. Co-creation caters to these expectations.

As a business, you’re the leader. Work with your audience, but don’t let them take over. Guide the process and ask for their participation. The video will result in credible, authentic content. Involving your target market cultivates brand loyalty and can spread the word about your product or service organically.

There’s a difference between working with influencers and pulling the average user into the mix. An influencer is a known commodity and joining with them is a partnership. When you canvass opinions and feedback from the public, people participate and get excited about your brand in a different way. Starbucks is quite adept at this type of marketing. Remember the White Cup Contest that challenged patrons to draw designs on their coffee cups? What about the request to name the new blend that became True North?

Big Brands Get Onboard

Domino’s leveraged their consumer feedback in a novel way several years ago. The pizza giant used online feedback and focus groups to expose shortcomings in their product. This negative commentary compelled them to change their pizza and win over previously disappointed customers.

Orcon Broadband out of New Zealand enlisted the help of eager musicians to record a music track with Iggy Pop. The contest gave the winners the opportunity to record a live version of “The Passenger”. The result was aired on radio and televison.

Co-create a Video with Us

If you’re interested in involving customers in your marketing, give Key West Video a call today. Whether through a contest, Q&A or other format, we can discuss how to win over new business with video.

Social Video Leads to Marketing Success

social video

It’s no secret that we love video and we know it can take your business to the next level. But don’t take our word for it! Let’s look at a whole bunch of research that validates the medium from Animoto’s 2017 report on The State of Video. These stats are based on a survey of one thousand customers and 500 marketers.

When and Where are People Watching?

  • 3% are watching during the lunch hour
  • 43% are watching in the afternoon
  • 56% watch in the evening
  • 38% watch before turning in
  • 16% watch in the middle of the night
  • 49% watch video on Facebook
  • 32% watch video on YouTube
  • 24% prefer to watch video on Instagram
  • 22% are watching on Snapchat and Twitter

What’s the Result?

  • 64% of viewers are following up with a purchase after watching a branded video
  • on average, YouTube viewers spend over an hour a day watching videos on mobile devices alone
  • You only have 15-30 seconds to hook a viewer.
  • viewers are only sticking around for longer videos if they’re educational, entertaining or have to do with news and current events
Social Video Leads to Marketing Success
Use these stats to reach your target market

Silence is Golden

  • 39% of consumers are more likely to finish videos with subtitles
  • 85% of FB video is watched with sound off (Digiday)
  • 51% of marketers use closed captioning

Favourite Videos

  • 52% like pre-recorded videos
  • 48% prefer live videos
  • viewers really like behind-the-scene videos
  • audiences like to share educational videos
  • viewers both like AND share emotional or funny videos
Social Video Leads to Marketing Success
People are more likely to share a funny video

Use Video to Your Advantage

Now that you know more about how consumers are using video, let us help you use it to your advantage! Call us today for a free quote.