Social Media Video Benefits

social media video connects

There it is when you open Facebook. And again on Instagram. Same goes for Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Messenger, and more. What are we talking about? Social media video! It’s everywhere these days and for good reason. Video ads are the number one way consumers found out about a new brand or product before making a purchase. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to convincing video marketing stats. Social video has grown to be the most popular and widespread content on social media and you can use its power to connect with your customers.

What is Social Media Video?

Social media video requires a different approach than other types of video marketing. When a customer is looking for a specific business or service, they turn to Google. If that same person is scrolling through social media, they’re not actively looking for your business. That means a social video will need to grab their attention and hold on. Start by thinking about the kinds of business video you click on when you’re thumbing through Facebook or Instagram.

Social Media Video Benefits
Your video should stop a scroller in their tracks

Make it for Mobile

If you’re going to make a social media video, make it for mobile. Over half of all videos are viewed on smartphones. More than ten billion videos and three billion images are viewed daily across Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. Be sure to take advantage of the growing trend of mobile first.

Social Video Platforms

Consider the format and audience when creating your social media video content. What platforms best suit your product or service? Meet your target market in the places they visit and provide the kind of content they expect to find on that platform. Then make sure your video conforms to the parameters of the app to get the most out of your post.

Social media video is short. Some call is snackable content. It should draw attention and drive engagement without asking the viewer to take too much time or make too much effort. After all, the most successful videos are between thirty seconds and one minute.

TIP: Upload directly to a platform for the best looking and best-performing video

Targetting Your Audience

Social Media Video Benefits
Post videos to the platforms your TM visits

Social media video is very good at targeting audiences. Demographics are collected to help you provide content where it will pay off. Meet your goals by understanding where your TM is hanging out and what they have in common. The better you understand your TM, the more specific you can get with your social video. Give the people what they want to build a reputation of trust and confidence. Another advantage of creating video for social media is feedback. People are more than willing to tell you what they think, so listen to what they’re saying and engage with your audience.

Leading by Example

We regularly post video loops to Instagram. Posting fifteen seconds of a video that really shows off one of our projects can catch the eye of potential customers. We try to showcase the variety of clients and types of videos we create for a better chance at reaching more viewers. Check us out and see if you identify a style that could connect with your audience. Then give us a call to hear more about how we can create the kind of social media video that will make your target market stop and look.

Paid Video Pays Off

paid media

Paid and sponsored videos are an effective way to drive traffic. As part of your video marketing approach, it’s a good idea to include paid promotion. This tactic not only puts your content in front of more people, it puts it in front of more of the right people. The goal is to drive people to your website or other owned media channel to learn more. This makes the next step, conversion, that much more attainable.


So you made a first-rate video that promotes your business or product and speaks to your target market—that’s great! You’ve posted on your website, social media channels and LinkedIn. But you still don’t seem to be getting a lot of traction. The truth is, a great video that nobody sees is worthless. Let’s talk about distribution.

Owned, Earned, Paid

Paid Video Pays Off
There are three kinds of distribution

There are three kinds of distribution: owned, earned, and paid. Owned distribution is free to use and includes your website, social media channels, and email lists. Earned distribution is having your video used in an article on your industry, posted on a blog, or aired in a news story. Paid distribution, a form of paid advertising, is the focus of this blog. You’re paying to have your video distributed. There are the obvious channels, like buying airtime with a television network. Another example you may see is a “paid” or “sponsored” ad on Facebook. These website and platform ads are what keeps a site running and gives you free access.

Paid Video: Get What You Pay For

Using paid advertising is kind of like using a headhunter. You’re paying to have your video matched with your target market. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform, you have options for finding your customers and targeting them with your video. This is a terrific way to reach out to a new audience that otherwise may never hear about your business. Below are some of the options for paid video.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all options for paid video. Facebook is one of the most popular places for paid content promotion, especially for B2B marketers. Think about your target market. What social media platform do they use most? Take the time to explore and compare the features and options offered by each platform to see what best fits your budget and your goals.

Search Ads

Paid Video Pays Off
You can buy a better search ranking

Search ads are things like Google Search and YouTube Video ads. They use keywords to target and reach your audience. This ranks your ads above organic, or unpaid, results. In a Google search, these are the first few hits that show up on a results page. This research found that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. That makes search engine marketing an important focus when you want people to find your business.

Sponsored Content

We’ve all fallen victim to sponsored content. You think something is part of a website or newspaper…then you see the “sponsored content” message. It’s a pretty tricky way to insert advertising into a publication, but it is very effective at targeting a market. The person who reads sponsored content is obviously interested in the topic, so it’s worth exploring for paid video.


Paid Video Pays Off
A YouTube star can net you new business

An influencer is someone you pay to talk about your service, product, or company. The advantage is that you get access to their audience. Let’s say they have a sizable online following—that influencer can expose your business to a new audience. The idea is to choose someone that has experience and clout in the arena of your product or service. That way, their endorsement makes sense, carries weight, and you’re accessing potential customers.

Native Advertising

This process embeds your ads into a third party website. Using a service like Outbrain or Taboola, native advertising will use a sponsored link to place your video where it makes the most sense. If you have a gym, native advertising could host your video on third party health and fitness blogs around the web. This kind of paid video is meant to align with other information a reader would find on the host site. It’s positioned as relevant and useful information. However, it’s still and paid ad and should be labeled as such to avoid the perception of “fake news”.


If you choose to use paid video for distribution, get the most out of your investment by paying attention to analytics. Test your options and take note of the results. What yields a good ROI and what’s not worth a second try? Stick with what works and keep refining your approach with new videos and changes in your business. Of course, it all starts with a video worth sharing! Call us today for a free quote.

Evergreen Video

Evergreen Video

Evergreen video is to content what eggs are to the culinary world. It doesn’t have the hot flash of a viral video, but it has the slow burn of a reliable and foundational part of video marketing. An evergreen video can deliver good, strong content for a long time. You get a lot of bang for your buck. We’re talking about a timeless piece of content that gets a lot of mileage. Eggs may not be the star of a lot of dishes, but there are a lot of dishes you can’t make without an egg.

What Constitutes Evergreen?

Evergreen Video
Evergreen video has a long shelf life

If video is part of your overall marketing plan, you should have some evergreen content. This is the kind of video that will benefit all segments of your audience by providing useful, high-quality information. It serves as a platform for your business by covering the basics. Here are some examples of evergreen video:

  • Instructional or how to
  • Educational or training
  • Biographical or historical
  • FAQ
  • Testimonial
  • Branding
  • Company culture

Evergreen Video

What to Avoid and What to Include

Evergreen content is timeless by definition. To get the most out of such content, there are a few things to avoid.

  • Anything that will date it. From a holiday-themed setting to new releases to sales.
  • Transient employees. Don’t have a tour narrated by an employee you’d have to replace if they left (ie. “I’m Kevin, the head of marketing”).
  • Time-limited offers or sales.

An evergreen video should have many of the same elements as any other successful video.  But there are also some specifics you should be sure to follow.

  • Keep it short.
  • Make it simple and easy to understand.
  • Stay on topic. This boosts keyword search and helps people find your video.

The Benefits of Evergreen Video

Evergreen Video
Boost search rankings with evergreen video

An evergreen video is ageless, delivering benefits far into the future. It’s the kind of content that gets you ranked in searches. Your SEO will get a boost from a video that proves to be a valuable piece of content with legs. Any video that answers basic questions or clearly describes a business will be viewed again and again; it has information that people are going to search for often and over an extended period. This kind of content results in a long click. Here are some other benefits:

  • Builds brand trust. If a user sees your video and the info is still relevant, they can share.
  • Drives steadily increasing numbers of people to your site, unlike trending content.
  • Evergreen content naturally receives more shares than most trending topics.


An evergreen video really is the kind of content that keeps on giving. If elements of the video become dated or are no longer correct, refresh it! Removing any misinformation and making necessary updates is often a simple procedure. Evergreen content is modular by nature. It can easily be updated or revised. We’ve done this for clients in the past, updating training and safety videos along with other evergreen content.

Evergreen Video
Evergreen is the gift that keeps on giving


You can also repurpose an evergreen video. Minimize additional work by using the basic structure, script, and footage from your initial video. Then update with shots of your new office, the current CEO, or technology upgrades. You could also use the information from your video to create a blog, whitepaper or guidebook.

Go Evergreen

An evergreen video is a great place to start if you’re venturing into video marketing for the first time. It’s a low-risk, big return investment. If you’re ready to engage with video marketing, give us a call today. We can help you create the kind of video that commits to your business long-term.

Video Statistics Support Conversions

video statistics

There’s no denying that video marketing is a powerful tool that grabs and holds customer attention. From demos to testimonials to company culture, video makes a connection with the viewer. But don’t take our word for it, check out some of these compelling video statistics that illustrate why video makes a difference.

Formula for Success

Dr. James McQuivey quantified the worth of a video. He declared it to be the equivalent of 1.8 million words. While that may seem arbitrary, there’s actually science backing up his statement. Here’s the train of thought and resulting formula McQuivey used:

  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • One second of video is 30 frames
  • 30 frames = 30,000 words
  • 30,000 x one minute (length of a short video) = 1.8 million words
Video Statistics Support Conversions
Over half of video content is viewed on mobile

We prefer to justify this video statistic in a way that’s more easily relatable: Is it faster to describe a dog or show a picture of a dog? “Brown” to you may be “tan” to someone else. Did you mention the dog’s spots? What about its size? The length of its ears? What kind of tail does it have? All this can be conveyed in a picture and understood quickly. Describing the dog takes much longer and different readers will have different mental images. The same idea applies to your product. Not only will a video get everyone on the same page, but it’s also more engaging. Did you know that mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years? Plus, video goes one step further than a still photo. You can show the product in action. Video can use footage, audio, and visuals to deliver all kinds of information in a way that’s easy to understand and engaging.

Shorter is Better

One study showed that the optimal length for a business video is 60-90 seconds.  Another study showed that nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer to watch video running less than a minute. We could keep citing video statistics, but the point is that people like short videos.

Humans are a busy, impatient bunch with short attention spans. Indulge them with a short video. Sixty seconds may sound like it’s not enough time to tell everyone about your super awesome product or service, but it’s plenty of time to capture a viewer’s interest. Include a CTA so the viewer can find their way to conversion.

Making a short video takes some planning. Think about the most important aspects of your product and concentrate on those. Find a way to relate to the audience—how are you solving a customer’s problem? Show your product being used and include some text that highlights important features. All this can easily be achieved in less than a minute.

Silence is Golden

Video Statistics Support Conversions
Create a video that doesn’t need sound

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you have your social media feeds set to mute. Thanks for being so considerate! Because you don’t want to disturb your office mates, fellow commuters, and people in line at the grocery store, you’re watching video without sound. In fact, 85% of Facebook video is watched that way.

Make the most of your video by mute-proofing it. This means using the kinds of visuals that will convey your message even without sound. Use subtitles and captions to spell out what’s going on. Or try graphics and text to emphasize words and concepts. Use the most illustrative footage and practice the adage of ‘show don’t tell’. Take advantage of your audience’s viewing habits by giving them a video worth watching under any circumstances.

Video Statistics Show Perfect Landing

Including video on your landing page can increase conversion by eighty percent. If you’re looking to boost your website traffic and make conversions, video is a great choice. Quick survey: when you get to a landing page and there’s a video of the product you just searched, what do you do? You watch it! We like to be passive and watching a video is easier than reading the text below the video. I’m not saying the text isn’t valid, but a video is like a steak and the paragraph below the video is like the vegetables. Both have value, but your eyes go to the steak first.

Video Statistics Support Conversions
Increase conversions with landing page video

Video is going to keep people on your page longer, meaning a better chance at conversion. With a strong video that effectively promotes your product, the visitor can be persuaded to either purchase right away or further explore. Don’t forget to include the all-important CTA!

Researching a Purchase

Almost half of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Video statistics show that researching a product before making a purchase is common practice. What are your options when it comes to price and performance? Where can you find the product? What are other people saying about you and your competitors?

When a potential customer is looking for the kind of product you sell, you want them to find your company. Video increases SEO, which means they’re more likely to find you. Once they find you, give them the video they want to see. Tell them what’s special about your product or service, the benefits of using your company, and any other selling points that will lead to conversion. Then tell them how to take that next step with a (see CTA mention above).

Numbers Don’t Lie

They say the proof is in the pudding. If these video statistics don’t convince you to use video, reread the blog. Click on some of the links are find further support for making video part of your marketing plan. Then give us a call at Key West Video and we’ll work with you to effectively reach your customers.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs

Case Study Vaughan

Working with the City of Vaughan to promote part-time seasonal jobs in recreation wasn’t child’s play, but it sure was fun! The client wanted us to create a two-minute live action video, as well as a shorter version, to attract new workers. This recruitment video had to be full of energy and promote the reasons why Vaughan employees love their rec jobs.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs

Fast Out of the Gates With The City of Vaughan

We had a full-day shoot at the North Thornhill Community Centre, a beautiful and expansive facility. That gave us lots of b-roll for the montage that starts the video. This quick succession of shots gives the viewer a good sense of the many programs offered. The light, snappy music and quick edits keep the piece moving.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs
Highlighting rec spaces with split screens

After grabbing the viewer’s attention, it’s time to introduce the video with a title and voice-over. As visuals continue to run, we hear about the many advantages of a part-time City of Vaughan rec job. The first part of this video ends when we hear the tagline love your rec job.

Worker Testimonials

One of the best ways to sell a product or service is through testimonials. Hearing from someone directly creates an emotional connection and boosts trust and believability. It was important to show a wide range of jobs and workers in our testimonials. This cross-section helps the audience relate to the jobs and their benefits.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs
A board was used to identify the person and their job

With each worker, we wanted to highlight different job-related perks. Working with the City of Vaughan representatives, we talked about the positions they wanted to promote and how each might be paired with certain advantages. In the end, we had eight diverse workers performing eight different jobs and talking about the related benefits.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs
The flip side shows job benefits

Visually, we wanted to try something other than a traditional testimonial to the camera with b-roll. Instead, we decided to give the workers a prop. First, we see the subject at work and hear their voice talking about why they love their rec job. Then, we see the City of Vaughan worker holding a white card. They smile while the viewer reads the first side of the card with their name and position. The card is then flipped to reveal the benefits of their job.

Drop and Give me 10

This video ends with a CTA. We see a group of City of Vaughan workers holding a card that has the love your rec job tagline and the URL for more information on rec jobs with the City of Vaughan. Because all our featured jobs were indoors, we shot this outside as a way to showcase another space used by employees.

Case Study: City of Vaughn Rec Jobs
Vaughan branding is used in the video

The final image of this video is a back page with the City of Vaughan logo, rec jobs tagline, and the City of Vaughan URL. If you look at the logo, you’ll see that we used Vaughan’s branding colours throughout the video. We also incorporated the same font used in the love your rec job print and online campaign. That way, our video fit seamlessly with the rest of the marketing materials.

A Video is an Important Part of Marketing

Want to hear a crazy statistic? It’s been reported by recruitment agencies that job ads with embedded video have 800% more engagement. When you’re looking for applicants, that’s a huge number! Give Key West Video a call today and we can discuss the best way to promote your business and attract top job candidates. If you don’t believe us, just ask the City of Vaughan for a recommendation!