How to Make the Perfect Parody for Corporate Video

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Tired of the same old company videos? You know, the ones with generic information that aren’t specific to your brand? What about the ones with an overload of  information? Or videos that are just plain boring? Well, have no fear: parody is here.

Parody is a pretty efficient way to get your message across. One mistake that corporate companies make is underestimating their audiences. Potential clients are not as uptight or dim-lit as we might think. Sometimes it’s necessary to put as much as faith in your audience as well as your content. The perfect blend of information and fake self-mockery sets you apart from the competition and drives the point home. So before you decide to make that parody video, try to keep the following in mind:

Be Funny

This should probably go without saying, but here’s a reminder anyway. Potential clients might think your company is tacky if the video doesn’t serve its purpose. If you’re successful, companies might assume that your services are just as good as your humour. If you’re lucky.

Watch this I.T. company get it right:

Know Your Brand

This also comes with really knowing your brand. After you establish what your company actually does, it’s important to know how you can stand out. The more you know your brand, the better you’ll know your audience. Being specific is key.

Parody can be a train wreck when done incorrectly. The last thing you want to do is to make a self-deprecating video that exploits weak areas. Instead, you might want to play up your company’s strengths in an unconventional way. This can be done with funny animated words, short one-liners, or employees doing something…weird. You get the point.

In essence, don’t do this:

Be Mindful of Parody Laws

Not too long ago Canada made the switch from fair dealing to fair use in its copyright laws. In June of 2012, a copyright reform bill was passed and became law, making three additions: parody, satire, and education. Essentially, Canada then broadened their list of interpretations, making it difficult to determine what infringes on as trademark. Typically, criticism doesn’t infringe on copyright material when:

  • the source
    • the name of the source
  • author (when applicable)
  • performer (when applicable)
  • maker (i.e. recording)
  • broadcaster (when applicable)

A grey area appears when an audience doesn’t know the difference between a parody and the original material. In the past, Canadian companies owning trademarks could argue that a parody is depreciating the goodwill of their original trademark. But since Bill C-11, which was amended to include parody under non-infringement, it’s technically now an exception. In other countries like Britain and the U.S., parody is not clearly defined under fair use, and neither is it prohibited. Instead, it’s taken on case-by-case.

How to Make the Perfect Parody for Corporate Video

Don’t Go Overboard

Know the subtle difference between parody and satire without offending anyone. In our world of political correctness, it’s easy to step on toes. Satire is meant to poke fun at things we hold dear (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc.). Parody exaggerates or imitates a piece of work for comedic purposes.  If you’re not sure your parody is offensive, you might be better off not running it across that internet.



What are some other ways to make the perfect parody? Comment below!

Website: New Content & Features

Our New Website is Finally Here! Check Out Some of The Great New Content & Things We Have to Offer

Website: New Content & Features
Websites are a representation of your brand. They allow potential customers to get a feel for who you are, and what you have to offer. Here at Key West Video we understand the importance of online marketing, so wanted to update our site to showcase all of our great offerings, and the recent work we had produced.

In April of this year we officially launched the website, just in time for Google’s new update. We not only re-branded much of the website, but also added in a lot more interesting content which will aid our viewers in deciding what style of video is right for them.

In this post I want to outline some of the key elements of our new website which will be helpful to both prospective and current clients. First we will go over some of the new items that deserve a mention, and then we will delve into the variety of services we offer.


Main Page – Check it Out!

The first thing you will notice on our new site is our demo reel. It has been updated to incorporate some of the work we have produced in the past year, including some of our award-winning work.

About Page – Check it Out!

This is the first time we have had an employee bio page. We think it’s important for our potential clients to put a face to a name. Learn a bit about each of us and see who makes up the dynamic Key West Video team.

How to Make a Corporate Video Page – Check it Out!

Here is where we break down the different elements that go into making a corporate video. If it’s your first time getting a video produced this page will be very helpful in understanding the different stages involved in video production.

Corporate Video Portfolio Page – Check it Out!

Get a sense of all the different styles of work we produce on this page. From testimonials, to training videos, promotional spots and event videos, there’s something for everyone.

Specialty Packages – Check it Out!

Something brand new on our website is our specialty packages offering. Need a video that doesn’t fit in any of the normal boxes? Submit a form and find out what we have to offer.


Here are a list of services that you will find on our website. But don’t worry, just because it isn’t listed on our website doesn’t mean we don’t provide that service!

Video Production Crew – Check it Out!

Our professional crew arrives ready to roll! The Key West Video production crew has extensive experience to make you look and sound your best.

Training Videos – Check it Out!

Corporate training videos should inform, inspire, and motivate. Professionally executed training videos can set your company on the right path to success!

Event Videos – Check it Out!

Capture the highlights of your corporate event with an exciting video! We’ll make sure your corporate event video is one to be remembered!

Product & Service Videos – Check it Out!

Key West Video will capture the features and effectiveness of your product to help translate your viewing audience into customers.

Company Promotional Videos – Check it Out!

Promote your business with a company profile video that tells your corporate story and showcases what makes you the best in your field.

Commercials & Videos for Broadcast – Check it Out!

Commercial video production for broadcast can cost a small fortune. Key West Video will produce a highly polished video without breaking the bank.

Testimonials & Interviews – Check it Out!

Harness the power of interview videos to promote on your website and social media. Utilize that personal connection testimonials convey to draw in new clients.

Green Screen – Check it Out!

Don’t have a great location to shoot your video? Our green screen studio can provide a more dynamic backdrop, providing ultimate control and visually stunning graphics and animation.

Aerial Videography – Check it Out!

Create intrigue with eye-catching aerial drone videography. Showcase your facilities, signage, and locations with the creative flare of a different point of view.

Actor Services – Check it Out!

From actor self tape auditions, demo reel editing, acting classes, workshops, and private coaching, Key West Video offers professional actor services that make you the star!

Non-Local Video Production – Check it Out!

Need a video partner in Toronto or abroad? The Key West Video production crew works across Canada, the USA, and the rest of the world!

Industry Specific Videos – Check it Out!

Creating a video for a specific industry? No problem. We produce videos for all markets; from real estate to manufacturing – we’ve got you covered.

Contact us via email – info@

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Or go to our corporate video production website and fill out one of our forms to get in touch and learn more today!

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Key West Video is a preferred Corporate Video Production Partner for numerous top organizations & non-profits

With 26 years in the #corporate #video #production #business, Key West Video is a trusted source for Fortune 500 Companies and Canada’s Top Non-Profits. Whether it is refocusing a #brand or facilitating educators and employers with workshop videos, we know how to cater to the sensibilities of diverse audiences worldwide.

Why choose the Key West Video Team?

We are reliable, flexible, offer excellent #CustomerService and have extensive experience in the #industry. We will support you and your team throughout all the stages of corporate video production with open #communication during the process of your project. And perhaps, most importantly, corporate video is our passion, and it’s a passion we want to share because we are proud of what we do.

We help connect #clients with the audience that they want to reach in a way that no other medium can provide. Through video, the viewer can feel kinds of emotions and connect to a #product, a #service, a person or an #experience. This is why we work so diligently to provide our clients with #creative and dynamic videos that bridge the gap they are looking to close. Corporate video production is a way to reach out to people like no other. Let us build that connection with you.



We produce on location or #studio shoots to highlight you, your company or message. We shoot many different kinds of videos for a variety of purposes for our clients. What are you looking for?

Corporate Video Production Services

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A still #image can speak volumes. What do you want to capture? No matter what your subject is, we will make it stand out.

Event Photography

-Corporate Headshots & Portraits

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Corporate Video Production Services


Our state of the art #EditSuites are equipped with the latest software, including #FinalCutPro and the complete #Adobe Master Collection.

Corporate Video Production ServicesVideo Editing

-Colour Correction

-Edit Suite Rental


Video Production Studio

Are you looking for a studio to rent for your shoot? We have a studio with multiple backdrops, including #greenscreen as an option. If you need a member of our team to set up the #lighting for you just ask us when you book!

Corporate Video Production Services

-Video Studio Rental

-Photo Studio Rental

Green Screen Studio Rental



Want to get creative in a spirited, vibrant way? Choose #animation to help express the content of your video, or even the whole project!

Corporate Video Production Services



-Explainer Videos


Specialty Services

Do you require a specialty service? There are many things that we do that are specific and don’t necessarily fit under another category. Check our specialty services below, and if you need something that’s not listed—just ask!

Corporate Video Production Services



-Voice Dubbing

-Video Resumes

-Music Videos

-Electronic Press Kits


If you have any questions about any of our services please give us a shout! We’d be happy to connect with you and discuss your needs further.

The Importance of B-Roll in Corporate Video

B-roll is supplementary footage that is intercut with the main shots you want to capture in efforts to add dimension to your project.

The Importance of B-Roll in Corporate Video
Low camera angles portray strength and power

We’ve all seen Hollywood films that use footage to show flashbacks or simultaneous action within stories, but this footage is also very important to telling your company story. Whether your company is looking to produce a promotional video, a company profile video, a product or service video, or an event video, b-roll is your best friend. This type of footage not only serves a purpose as a useful tool in the flexibility of editing your video, but it enriches your company story with colour, action, and layers of meaning that gives the audience a better understanding of what you want them to know.

B-roll footage links what you’re speaking of or describing to the viewer. If your video is about a product, the audience doesn’t just want to see you or an actor talking about your product. They want to see a professionally lit shot of your product in all its glory, and possibly most important, they want to see it in action. After all, what is form without function? If your video is a company profile or promo video, your audience is going to want to know more about your company and what it actually does. You can tell them what you do through on-camera interviews but it is much more powerful when you actually show them. This is what b-roll is all about. B-roll is responsible for shaping the other information gathered by your audience to create a more complete picture and a better understanding of your company.

The Importance of B-Roll in Corporate Video
Aerial shots give the viewer a unique point of view

In the editing process, b-roll is an extremely useful tool used to make editing appear more seamless to the viewer and to ensure continuity of your story. B-roll can be used to tell another part of the story that the viewer wouldn’t otherwise see. If a manager describes machinery integral to the process of their business, no matter what the purpose of the video is, it makes the video more dynamic to include shots of the machines in action. If an executive is describing a successful fundraising event in an annual review video, the viewer will want to see footage of that event. For a company profile video, your audience is going to want to see who makes up your business and how it runs, which may include shots of the exterior or interior of your offices, employees at work, products in action, etc. Without B-roll shots in these cases, part of the story is missing.

Most people consider b-roll to be secondary footage as it is meant to support your story, but it in fact plays a huge role and takes up more screen time than you think. It is for this reason that it’s very important to discuss details of the vision you have for your company’s video when hiring a professional #VideoProduction company. The details you provide will help them form ideas of what to capture, and will aid in creating a shot list. Integral b-roll shots will help tell your story, not only through the content of your message, but also through engaging visual cues.

The Importance of B-Roll in Corporate Video
Shots of products in action make your video more interesting providing an almost interactive feel

At Key West Video, our team will work with you throughout the process of producing your #CorporateVideo with support and consultation at every stage. However, it is the pre-production and production stages when B-roll is essential. During pre-production #KeyWestVideo will gather pertinent information that will help us develop ideas of what to include in B-roll footage to complete your vision, and include these necessary shots to the shot list we create for your project. During production, having a shot list that includes necessary B-roll footage creates a blueprint and a checklist for everything you want represented in your video, and it will also help to remain focused on your objective. B-roll is quite simply a big deal.

The Importance of B-Roll in Corporate Video
Catching your subject at work or at play gives the video a personal touch and gives the viewer something they can relate to

Meeting Your Future Producer

Meeting and deciding on the right production partner is just like being on a first date. You need to know what you want and figure out if they are the perfect fit.

Meeting Your Future Producer When it comes to dating, there are right ways of doing it and wrongs ways of doing it. Arranging a #meeting to scope out a #ProductionCompany and find out if they are the right partner for you is the same way. You can’t spend the whole time gushing about yourself, you have to ask the right questions, and ultimately you need to let a bit of your head and a bit of your heart do the picking.

DON’T Waste Time

The objective of a meeting is to understand who the company you potentially will hire is, what style they have, what experience, what they can bring to the table, and so on. So don’t bother wasting time telling them all about how you brought this company from the ground to the empire it is today. While the #producer at the meeting should be asking specific questions to get to know you and your needs, let them take the reins on deciding what they need to know. While you focus on listening, taking it all in, and deciding if you like how they conduct #business, and themselves.

DO Make Sure They Are Asking the Right Questions

As stated above, let the company you are meeting with lead the discussion, and focus carefully on what type of questions they are asking you. Are they trying to understand your needs? Do they want to know what your goal of this #video/campaign is? Have they asked who your target market is? A good #production #partner should be getting to the point in trying to figure out what your needs are. That way they can formulate a concept and technical requirements based upon them.

DO Ask Them the Right Questions

Once it is your turn to talk, and every producer you meet with should turn the tables on you at some point and ask if you have any questions about them, make sure to ask all the pressing questions on your mind. If #budget is a big concern then ask them what they will do to ensure the budget will stay as it was quoted. Or better yet ask them what they can potentially do to reduce costs. If #timelines are important then ask how they track projects. Ask who your point of contact on the #project is, and whether the timelines you propose are realistic. Figure out what they will do, and how they will do it, to meet your needs.

DON’T Get Hung-Up on the Small Stuff

Not every producer you meet with will have everything you are looking for. For example, a company may have some great samples, but no samples of dogs #filmed on green screen. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to #film dogs on green screen for your #promo video for a gourmet dog food company. So focus on the larger picture, do they have a good track record, do their references rave about them, did they provide me with great #creative concepts, etc. Care about what matters to you, and forget about everything else.

DO Trust Your Gut

Ultimately, you might sit down with multiple production companies and they all have the right answers, and meet the right criteria. If this is the case, then it all comes down to personality and trusting your gut. Working with a producer you enjoy can be a big help. This is someone who you need to meet with, speak to over the phone, email, debate with, collaborate with, and trust.

Good luck, and we hope you find The One.

If you are interested in meeting with one of our talented producers, contact us today!