How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video

How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video

Black Friday is here!

And for a lot of corporate companies, Black Friday is an opportunity to make large amounts of money.

There’s a spirit behind Black Friday that makes it stand out from other consumer-based “holidays” (like Boxing Day). It comes right after American Thanksgiving and is usually a mad grab at everything that goes on sale.

This day marks the beginning of Christmas shopping for the holiday season. It’s a time where family and friends battle it out in parking lots, shopping malls, department stores, and booths. It’s when the true spirit of Thanksgiving – the time when everyone is supposedly grateful for what they have – is overturned with the need for more.

How You Can Use Black Friday In Your Corporate Video
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And for most corporations, companies, and businesses, it’s a time to make bank.

If you sell a product or service, it’s an obvious time to work out a sale plan. It’s also an incredible time to put forth a corporate video days before for consumers looking to buy additional product. This means a corporate video that is heavy on the sell.

Pre-Black Friday corporate videos have an obvious mandate to sell – but what about videos for on the day of and after? One idea could be to create parody videos of the unofficial holiday with footage from previous years. Whether it’s to send a message or to simply poke fun at the craziness, brands could benefit from highlighting the extreme behaviour on this sales-filled day. A brand that is able to recognize its own hype is a smart brand worth paying attention to.

It’s no secret that things can get violent (and even fatal) around this time, but keeping the tone light could be a way to get eyes on your product and have you stand out on one of the busiest days of the year.

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What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills

What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills

Corporate videos are a great way to connect with your audience. But what do they say about your communication skills?

Communication is key in any business. And naturally, this translates to all facets of business, be it marketing, accounting, or legal etc.

What A Corporate Video Says About Your Communication Skills
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Businesses can literally not thrive without a strong sense of communication between departments. A system of hierarchy is put in place partly to regulate how things are communicated, delegated, and done.

When it comes to marketing – specifically corporate video marketing – communicating is essential. The main purpose of a corporate video is to communicate a message to your audience.

Your message – be it to sell, inform, entertain, or elicit emotion – should say something. A corporate video should never be so abstract that a viewer doesn’t understand what it is you’re trying to convey. In fact, it should be crystal clear what the message is.

A strong corporate video communicates that you are aware of current trends or technologies in your field, you understand the trends and technologies and are breaking it down for an audience who might not understand the nitty-gritty of it all. A strong corporate video makes it easy for the average person to understand who you are, what you do, and what the point of your video is.

The very fact that you’ve created a corporate video shows that you care about your brand and audience. You’ve taken the time to give significant thought to your brand or product. You have written a script and/or storyboard, shot and edited a video, created sound, possibly included animation, and are distributing it in a strategic manner. It shows that you, as a brand, are organized, coordinated, and affluent enough to be able to create a creative video for the masses.

That speaks volumes.

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Why Diversity In Your Company’s Corporate Video Matters

Why Diversity In Your Company's Corporate Video Matters

Diversity has become a bit of a buzz word lately.

But this doesn’t make diversity any less important.

One thing we’ve noticed about many a corporate video is their mirroring effect. A corporate video is meant to reflect the corporate attitude or culture of a company or brand. Sometimes, diversity isn’t reflected in corporate videos.

It’s often because there isn’t enough.

Why Diversity In Your Company's Corporate Video Matters
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A lot of corporate companies in various fields (like tech or the entertainment industry) struggle with this concept. It’s so much more than fulfilling a checkbox for a company quota. It’s also more than tokenizing a person of colour once they’re hired.

True diversity means equality, respect, and inclusion on every level.

And it’s important to have regardless of your corporation or corporate video. Having both a diverse business adds richness to your workplace and output. You’re receiving a beautiful blend of experiences, mindsets, personalities, and perspectives that you might not otherwise get.

For larger companies, diverse employment is essential for attracting larger crowds – especially in marketing. Though a lot of larger corporate companies’ marketing strategies are almost foolproof, you’ll find that demographics often change. Gone are the days when companies could afford to pour millions into marketing to baby boomers. Now that they’ve hit retirement age, it’s vital to reach out to the next generation; a new generation based on age, sexuality, class, race, and gender.

A diverse corporate video also just makes sense. For companies in and around major metropolitan areas (such as Toronto, Montreal, NYC, LA, London etc.), it only makes sense that you’d want your corporate video to reflect the audience it’s being marketed to. Unless your product is something that only a certain type of demographic is capable of using (which is often never), there’s simply no reason why diverse talent cannot be featured.

Here at Key West Video, we champion diverse corporate videos in every way we can. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Documentaries

What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Documentaries

Documentaries give us the real story.

Documentaries tell us the inside scoop, depending on the subject.

Often unpredictable, we get a solid sense of a topic/subject, person or thing that we otherwise wouldn’t have had that documentarian not dug deep for the truth.

Documentaries often explore both sides to a story in order to create a balanced piece. Docs let the audience make the decisions for themselves.

Corporate video operates similarly. Though the goal of corporate video is often to persuade an audience into action (i.e. purchasing something), it should never feel like they’re being led. Instead, a good corporate video pleads a case. It shows you all the reasons why you should cleave to a particular brand or product either by demonstration, information, or appeal.

Like documentary, a corporate video should present all important sides so a viewer can make an informed decision.

What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Documentaries
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Here are some valuable lessons learned from doc:


As previously mentioned, a balanced corporate video is essential. Good docs do their best to balance information in a way that educates an audience while allowing them to make their own informed decisions. It’s the job of a documentarian to be neutral. In corporate video marketing, it can also depend on your audience. While some brands are able to get away with targeted marketing against the competition, other brand’s audience expect a more neutral approach. It’s best to know your brand through and through in order to decide just how balanced you can be.


With that being said, the information in your corporate video should be as truthful and easy to digest as possible. Like a doc, an audience is entrusting you to convey accurate information. Your responsibility is to do so an in an engaging way.

Emotional Appeal

By balancing information, it’s important that you also include some sort of moral appeal. A good doc or corporate video is able to engage its audience intellectually and emotionally. It’s the things that touch you that you remember most.

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Is Corporate Video Rivalry The Best Move For You?

Is Corporate Video Rivalry The Best Move For You?

Sometimes a bit of rivalry is just what your company needs to get the ball rolling.

They say that healthy competition is good competition. And sometimes that means some healthy rivalry between you and another company.

Corporate companies are known for this. Companies that sell cleaning products will often allude to their product being superior to the leading brand. Companies that sell cutting-edge technology (e.g. Samsung or Apple) are also notorious for their competitive nature.


Here we’ve taken away a few lessons from company rivals that we think a lot of corporate business can learn from:


A rivalry means publicity for your brand, whether you want to admit it or not. It puts eyes on your product as you and another entity battle it out in the public domain. Depending on who you and your opposing company are, it can draw attention to your brand and bring you viewers you might not have previously had.


All in the name of good fun, right? A willingness to take shots at another company shows a willingness to show some sportsmanship. Now, we’re not saying to play dirty by hiring some private investigator to find dirt on the competition; we’re simply saying that sometimes playing the game shows you’re willing to defend your brand.


Which leads us to our next point – if you engage in some playful rivalry amongst the star players in your field, it shows that your brand holds up against the competition. It’s one thing to defend a product that might be faulty, but it’s another thing to be able to stand by a product that can compete against – and might even be better than – the competition.

Is Corporate Video Rivalry The Best Move For You?
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