Utilize The Emotion of Video

Using emotion in Corporate Video

Companies are often afraid to show emotion in their videos, but as video grows online they will have to adapt. Marketing techniques need to be more innovative and engaging than ever before, due to the mass amount of visual content surrounding us on a daily basis. Video is inherently an emotional medium. You need to utilize the benefits of video to the best of your ability to truly captivate an audience.

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There is a saying that there are no boring stories, only boring story-tellers. When you utilize the emotional capacity that video production has available, it can make a big difference in changing static and dull content, into exciting and passionate content.

But why emotion?

Using emotion is the greatest tool when it comes to captivating your audience. It’ll make them remember your video, and what you had to say. When you make your audience feel, it reaches out to them on a more personal level.¬† If you saw a recruitment video that just talked about the company itself, you might lose interest fast. But if the video included testimonials from real employees showing real emotions, that would instantly engage you, and connect you with the video, the people and the company.

So remember, take risks. Especially in the case of Corporate Videos, when the content is often straight forward and has the capacity to be dull, that is the best time to utilize the emotion of video.

Looking to spice up your own Corporate Video?

Here at Keywest video, we are professionals when it comes to producing corporate videos. We have been in the business for over 20 years, and know exactly how to use emotion in corporate videos to captivate an audience.

Utilize The Emotion of Video
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