Video Podcasts Fill in the Blanks

It’s official: Canadians are crazy for podcasts! Nearly ten million of us listened to a podcast in 2017. We’re drawn to the storytelling or the opportunity to learn something new. Whether you’re tuned in during a commute, being entertained while cleaning or walking the dog with your earbuds in, podcasts are a companion of choice. And then there’s the video podcast…

Audio Only or Audio with Video

Video Podcasts Fill in the Blanks
Podcasts get half their name from the iPod

The word podcast is a portmanteau blending iPod and broadcast. Podcasts were originally formatted for iPods, and the name stuck. A podcast is traditionally an audio-only recording. However, it can also have a video element. Defining a podcast beyond calling it on-demand internet radio is difficult because the content is niche. A podcast narrowcasts, targetting specific listeners with specialized subject matter. There is truly something for everyone.


A podcast that includes video has certain advantages. First of all, seeing the people who are talking fills in some blanks. Body language adds to the story and if there’s more than one host, physical interaction also rounds out the experience. Plus, many podcast fans are curious about host appearance.

Adding video to a podcast can help boost ratings. One way this happens is through better SEO. It’s also difficult for audio to go viral. If there’s a video element to share, the numbers go up. Video has an added value element that people like. Giving the audience a look behind-the-scenes or inviting them into the studio during a recording draws attention and satisfies curiosity.

Listen and Look

There are a whole host of video podcasts if you’d like to see what everyone’s talking about. The Joe Rogan Experience streams on YouTube and covers just about anything and everything that interests the host. Favourite topics include pot and MMA.

Video Podcasts Fill in the Blanks
Commuters often turn to podcasts to pass the time

If you’re looking for something a little more highbrow, TED Talks have an HD podcast. Covering anything that falls under the banner of Technology, Entertainment or Design, you can find a wealth of information on their YouTube channel. Curious minds will get lost looking through the available talks.

If tech turns you on, Tekzilla features product reviews, computer help, and tech tips. Video is an integral part of this podcast that loves DIY projects. While we’re here, there are also a bunch of video podcasts catering to the geek in you.

Social Media Connection

Podcasters have figured out how to use social media to their advantage. This added format provides fans with the extras they crave. Following a podcast on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook gives you access to related pictures and video. Hosts sometimes ask listeners to participate in the podcast by sending in a story or commenting on a show. What was once a passive activity (audio only podcast) becomes an interactive experience.

Video First

Key West Video doesn’t have a podcast, but we definitely know how to make a video! Connect with your audience through a medium that demands attention. Call us today for a free quote.