Worst Corporate Video

Worst Corporate Video: Scottie Car Rental New Zealand

What not to do in your corporate video 

At first I thought this corporate video was a joke. It was that bad. Check out the worst corporate video below, it’s actually so bad you will want to keep watching it.


On their website, the Scotties wrote this comment about their “worst corporate video”: We had a lot of fun putting our Corporate Video together. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were all not considered to have the right ‘look’ so we did it ourselves.

Based on the worst corporate video, here are some tips of what not to do in a corporate video:

Corporate videos are a direct representation of your company. So if the quality of the video is horrible, that usually means that the quality of your company is held to that standard. Every production element in this video was poorly done.

  •  Camera work. It was obvious from the start that this video was shot unprofessionally. Bad camera work takes away from the audience’s attention on what is going on in the video.
  •  Talent performance. The on air talent performance was horrible. It’s definitely a great idea to showcase real employees in corporate videos. But if the video just shows the talent stumbling and messing up, the audience simply loses interest in what’s being said.
  • Audio. The background sound was just too loud.  I could barely make out what the people in the video were trying to say. A professional audio recording is paramount.
  • Music. Music in corporate videos is meant to create an emotional connection and drive the video forward. The music that the Scotties choose was very odd for a car rental video, and added to make the video that much worse.
  • Lighting. Depending on the clip, there was either too much lighting, or not enough present. In the clips with too much lighting, it gave a little shadow on some faces. In the clips with not enough lighting, it made it harder to even see one girl.  At this point, not only does the viewer have a difficult time hearing the employee’s in the video, but they have a difficult time in making out their faces as well.
  • Editing. The editing job was done extremely poorly. It was very clear that the people in the video were on a green screen. If your green screen goal is to create the illusion that the subject is actually part of that scene, then your production value needs to be incorporated into every aspect including editing/composting. Which in this case, it was very clear the subjects were on a poor green screen.

The goal of this “worst corporate video” was to show the humorous side of Scotties; having good customer service. Regardless of that, if you choose to create a humorous corporate video, at least make sure the video has some good production elements, that helps get the message across.

Worst Corporate Video
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