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Drones and aerial videography have become a recent phenomenon in the video world. Videographers are now able to take magnificent aerial shots in hard-to-reach areas, making for exceptional video content.

It would seem that many companies are making use of aerial drone systems these days. In the video and photography world, videographers and photographers can capture pretty impressive moments. For some companies, this type of content may not be in their budget or marketing stream. But for the various companies who depend on wide landscape shots, it is slowly becoming a must.

Companies that depend on landscape marketing, such as construction companies, real estate, and resorts, can all benefit from aerial drone videography. The exact size, nature, layout, and structure of an area can be challenging to determine from an on-land photo or video.

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Aerial videography is essential for attracting a potential client to a company. Drones can capture the vastness of a particular area. Thus making it a more straightforward selling point.

Additionally, if a particular area is under construction, drone videography makes it easy to identify which parts of that area are being built or repaired, and which areas are in the process of being restructured. It’s challenging to omit spaces in aerial videography. Sites that require improvement get shown in the footage. In essence, there is little leeway and small detail that does not get captured.

Watch as we test out our DJI Phantom 2 Drone here:

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