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Getting Emotional About Video

An important part of video production is making an emotional connection with your audience. An emotional video creates a reaction and makes your audience more likely to share, remember and act.

Every Emotion Counts

Sadvertising is a thing. It’s the kind of advertising that tugs at your heartstrings. This type of marketing is especially prevelant around holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. It also appears in corporate videos, especially those linked to charities or non-profits. There’s no denying that it’s a good way to make people take notice, and more importantly, act on those feelings.

emotional video
Audience anger can spur action

Emotional content doesn’t need to be sad. It can make you happy or even angry. Any video that makes you feel is effective. Videos that use humour can be highly memorable. Evoking a sense of wonder or hope will also stick with the viewer. Use storytelling to draw in your audience and give them something to relate to, driving home the feels.

Fear is another powerful motivator. Instill fear in your audience, but then give them a way to alleviate that fear. Think of the insurance company that shows a flooded basement, and then offers water damage coverage. All of a sudden, the audience is thinking about the neighbour with a flooded basement and how much it cost them to fix. They’re also reaching for their phone and dialing the number on the screen.

Fast Connection

Video can create an emotional connection in as little as thirty seconds, the length of most commercials. If you use the right tools to reach your audience on an emotional level, you don’t need much time. All you need is a strong message. Take this PSA Key West Video produced for Free Them Freedom Walk.

Sometimes video can speak volumes with fewer words. Letting the viewer fill in the blank can be a good tack. If you lead the audience down an emotional path, they may imagine a scenario that is just as powerful as anything you could have used. Remember The Blair Witch Project? We never saw what everyone feared so deeply, and many felt the unknown what much scarier than any monster the filmmaker could have contrived.

Try This, Try That

Testimonials are great for making emotional connections. People talking about their experience – or even actors recreating an experience – is moving. This could be a testimonial from someone who saved time using your product or it could be a person who tells the story of how a charity made a difference in their life.

Highlight the good that your company is doing. Talk about the work you do gratis or how you’re involved in the community. Even if this work has nothing to do with your product directly, it still creates a positive association with your brand. The next time the customer needs a service you provide, they’re more likely to send business your way.

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