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How To Groom An Audience With Your Corporate Videos

Every company wants to know how they can groom an audience.

In fact, to groom an audience means grooming a loyal audience that, once groomed, is hard to lose.

Think of the process as ‘curating’; you spend years learning and building and gathering and collecting. You learn your audience’s niche interests. You gather and collect demographic information. Eventually, you begin to build your brand around them. And soon, you can say you’ve groomed your audience.

But where does one start?

Well, first a business owner or startup CEO must know themselves. Though this sounds New Age-y, it’s imperative for a company or brand to know who they are in order to best service their audience. What are their core values? Aesthetic? Mission statement or objective? And lastly, how do they view their customers? This makes all the difference.

Grooming an audience for a company means understanding their needs and showing them that, without a doubt, you are able to meet them. It means having a slogan or mission that can back itself up. And it means doing this over and over again so your audience will believe you.

It’s one thing to do this with customers. It’s another to do it with an audience.

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Cue corporate video.

In order to groom an audience, one must remain consistent with quality of service or product, overall look and sound, and customer service of the brand. These recognizable traits make it easy for audiences to recognize your brand in corporate video. It’s also easier for the corporate video-making process when it comes to making consistent creative decisions. Your audience will become familiarized with who you are and associate certain sounds, shapes, or symbols with you. Think of how McDonald’s has groomed its audience to react positively to its golden arches, happy jingles, and smiling children.

That could be you.

What are some of the ways your brand can groom its audience? Tell us what you think below!

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