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A call sheet is an essential part of any production. Producers typically send out a call sheet the day before a shoot to ensure that the cast and crew know where they need to be and what is expected of them the next day. When it finally comes to shooting, call sheets play an essential part in making sure the shoot goes smoothly. The call sheet has many details that help the casts and crew know when to meet, where to meet, and some other important information for the day. Let’s delve a little deeper…

The Basics

Before you read any further in a call sheet, the top has the primary information. This is the company/production house name, their contact information, and the name of the project. You’ll also find a small synopsis of what the project is about as well. After that, you’ll get into the date and time of the shoot. You’ll be notified if its an indoor or outdoor shoot, and if its an outdoor shoot, the call sheet may even outline weather conditions for the day. Another critical part of a call sheet is an outline to parking details (whether it’s on-site or off-site, or if it’s paid to park).


The People On Set

Next, you’ll see the names and contact information of the important people who will be on set that day. This is the cast and the crew, as well as the times that they’re expected to arrive, and the times they’re expected to start shooting. This is the producer’s number, the director’s number, and the production coordinator’s number.

call sheet sampleThe Schedule

This is the most crucial part as it will give you an overview of what the whole day looks like. Production has many moving parts to be aware of what the schedule looks like for the day is vital, so you know when you’re needed. The schedule will break down which scenes will be shooting for the day and may even contain additional notes on how the scene should be set up for the day.


Call sheets can be a pain to create and even read, but that’s why there are great resources out there that provide free templates to make your call sheet! Hopefully, this article helped you demystify this small part of the production process.


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