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Instagram has introduced some new features recently, such as Reels and Guides. Instagram reels are Instagram’s version of Tik Tok. It allows you to record 15-30 second clips, pair them with music, and create a new kind of video content. Instagram Guides allows you to curate content to create guides for your audience. If you want to up your Instagram game, you must start implementing these new features.

Instagram Reels

If you’re familiar with Tik Tok, you’ll pick up on Instagram reels easy enough. The only real difference is the editing interface, which may take some time to get used it. Instagram reels really benefit the algorithm and allow your content to be shown on the explore page. The explore page is where you can reach new people and get them to engage with your content. The more high-quality content you put out, the better your chances of growing your page.

What Makes a Quality Reel?

A quality reel provides some sort of value to the viewer. That may tips, tricks, entertainment or it may even help introduce you to your audience. For example, if you work in dentistry, give potential patients tips on how to brush their teeth or what dental options they should consider! All your reels must include video, sound, stickers, and text. If you include transitions and things popping in and out, that also helps! Don’t forget to include your caption and hashtags as well to reach a wider audience.

Instagram Guides

Instagram guides are a way to curate content into groups known as guides. You can add your own posts or posts others have shared, add a title for each post, and describe it. If you’re a photographer, you can make a guide on photography tips or the best places in the city for a photo op! If you post content reviewing products, you can group the products into categories and create a “Top 10” guide! You must be fleshing out your guide with valuable informatiinstagram reels - guideson, such as why you’re including it and giving each item in the guide a title.

The Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm is forever changing, and it’s hard to get your content noticed. You must keep using Instagram’s newest features to get the most engagement! The algorithm favors consistency and engagement as well, so make sure you’re keeping up with posting.

Have you started using Instagram Reels and Guides? Let us know in the comments.

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