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LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network, established in 2002. The site has grown to have over 500 million users globally. The site allows you to connect with individuals in your professional network, maintain relationships, share ideas, and leave feedback. You can update the site with your resume, credentials, and education. LinkedIn has a lot of functionality that helps job seekers, recruiters, and business owners. Here’s how you can get the most out of your experience with the platform.

Customize Your Profile

As with any social media site, LinkedIn will work the best for you if you have a complete profile. Make sure you’re fleshing out your profile to include not only your education and work experience but the skills you possess and any extra classes you may have taken. Are you published? Do you volunteer or have any patents? All of these things are things worth mlinkedin networkentioning on your LinkedIn Profile.  Make sure you give yourself a custom URL, keep your profile picture up to date with a great professional headshot, and add a cover photo!


Get Endorsements and Recommendations

LinkedIn has a great feature that allows clients and co-workers to leave a review on how you are as a worker, and if it’s on your business page, as a business. It also allows others to endorse you for particular skills such as “content creation,” “communication,” and “leadership.” The endorsements and recommendations are like getting customer testimonials. Additionally, it does your business, and you, as an individual, seem more credible and knowledgable.

Post Videos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn videos are a great way to boost your engagement and herd people to your pages. Make sure you keep your videos professional and that you’re utilizing hashtags to optimize your content. Do you need help making a video? Good picture, lighting, and sound are a great way to achieve a professional video. Or you can hire a video production team to do it for you!

Ask Questions

Engagement is essential on social media, so make sure you engage with your connections and followers by posing questions. Ask them how they’re adjusting to the work from home lifestyle or what their predictions for your given industry are. Starting up and continuing conversation is key to keeping your audience engaged with your content. Give your audience something to talk about and try to be a thought leader in your industry.

Participate in LinkedIn Groupsprofessional network

Groups are a great place to meet new connections, potential leads, and share your content. Join a group and make sure you’re staying active members. Contribute ideas, refer individuals, sand even provide feedback to build a strong connection with a group of individuals who are either leads or going to provide you with leads.


Do you use LinkedIn to its’ full potential? Do you have any tips?

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