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Whether you are producing a training video, company profile, event highlight, or a product promo, the location that you choose is a large part of the production. Having a location consultation ahead of time will allow for ample informative planning in order to save on time, money, and make your video the best it can be.

location consultation

Choosing a location can sometimes be a daunting task, and other times you have minimal choice and have to decide upon whatever is most convenient, or most affordable. In either case, partnering with a #ProductionCompany that will take the time to come for a location consultation is key.

In the 25 years Keywest Video has been in business, we have done a location consultation with many of our clients. In certain scenarios we were not able to, due to time constraints or not being able to get into the space ahead of the shoot date. When these situations arise we deal with it like we deal with all elements of production, with flexibility and a keen background knowledge to guide us in each individual shoot.

The reason why we do suggest going on a #LocationConsultation whenever we can, is because we know it works. We understand it is helpful. And we believe that you can never be too prepared. No matter how many projects we have worked on, there seems to always be something unexpected when it comes to our line of work. That is why we prepare for the worst, and always #ExpectTheUnexpected.

Certain issues that we have been able to avoid by going on a location consultation include;

  • lighting – for example, daylight mixed with florescent light
  • sound – too noisy of a space to record audio
  • distance – from one location to another
  • space – too small of a space to perform what is necessary
  • obstacles – for example, a desk in the room which cannot be moved
  • background – to ensure the background is visually engaging

Those are just of a few issues which can be observed, discussed, and then sorted out through a location consultation.

Here are some tips for when scouting for locations. Once your location has been pinned down, ensure to speak with the production team you are working with, and let them know that you think a location consultation is important.

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