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10 Expensive Corporate Video Production Mistakes To Avoid

Take it from us – corporate video production can be exhaustive work. But in the end, mapping out every minor detail of your video can help avoid expensive mistakes.

And some mistakes can be fatal to your production company. After all, your goal is to make money from the production, not run into additional last-minute costs due to a lack of preparation.

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we leave the production house with everything checked off, only to realize minutes into the shoot that we’ve forgotten a vital piece of equipment. Or maybe we’ve charged our batteries and cleared our SD cards only to find them fried or faulty. Whatever the case may be, we’ve listed some of the top, most expensive corporate video production mistakes that we’ve learned to avoid – the hard way.

1. Casting Mix-ups

There’s nothing worse than having a cast that doesn’t reflect their headshots. From background talent/extras to principal actors, each face that will be on camera should be at least somewhat reminiscent of their headshot. This means early casting and (if your budget permits) wardrobe.

2. Technical Difficulties

Test, test, test. You’d be surprised at how many freelance videographers don’t test their equipment before stepping out onto a set. This not only impedes a production shoot – it also screams unprofessionalism. While some technical difficulties (typically on set) are unavoidable, you should aim to minimize any technological risks as soon as possible.

3. Sufficient Crew

An important thing to remember is that no matter how much fancy equipment your production crew may have, you still have to have the skills to operate the equipment. A wise filmmaker once said, “Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you have the craft.” No truer words have been spoken.

4. Parking

Another important (but often forgotten about) aspect is parking. The last thing you want is to shoot in a location that has no parking. You run the risk of having to park far away from your shooting location (which can be a pain when it comes to loading and unloading equipment), or parking illegally, resulting in potential fines.

5. Permits

Make sure you’ve designated someone to look into the permits necessary for shooting. This means all locations should be secured prior to stepping out on set. Otherwise, you run the risk of being shut down or potentially fined.

6. Proper Art Direction

Make sure you’re hiring someone who is qualified for the job. This means someone who knows the ropes and has ample experience in communicating information to set designers and/or art department. The last thing you need is people who don’t stick to the shooting schedule or run the production efficiently.

7. Post-Production

“We’ll fix it in post” is a problematic phrase that we’ve heard all too often.

Avoid it all costs.

This phrase is thrown around when the crew has either given up or doesn’t know how to fix a problem. Something that could take just a few minutes to adjust on set could save hours in an editing suite.

Here at Key West Video, we prioritize the needs of our clients to take care in how we prepare for shoots. For more info on our services (or our portfolio) visit our website today!

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