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Prank Videos As Fun Corporate Video Marketing Techniques?

Ever thought about shooting a prank for your corporate video?

We have. In the 21st century, prank videos are not a new concept.

Prank Videos As Fun Corporate Video Marketing Techniques?
Photo credit: Bolt of Blue via / CC BY-NC-ND

In our social media climate, it doesn’t take much for funny videos and memes to go viral. In fact, going viral is probably every corporate company’s dream. For corporate companies looking to get massive or increased exposure, viral prank videos might just be the way to do it.

Viral marketing prank videos are ideal for social media simply because of their sheer entertainment value. While it’s unclear just how much of an ROI (return on investment) a company can receive from a prank video going viral, it’s pretty undeniable that a few million shares in a short time frame can’t hurt at all.

A few corporate companies have already latched onto this idea. Thinkmodo, a New York viral marketing agency, set-up a Carrie-like scene in a coffee shop at the time of the movie’s release. Hired actors and effects coordinators made customers believe that a girl had supernatural abilities when a guy accidentally spilled coffee on her laptop.

The prank was pulled off thanks to a stunts person and some props. Convincing the poor customers in the shop with a believable prank, the video was uploaded to YouTube and received over 60 million views in no time. It was covered by media outlets from across the world and received a gold award in the Key Art Awards’ theatrical category.

In this particular scenario, this prank corporate video ended up making $10 million in traditional media spots, according to Thinkmodo co-founder James Percelay. But by the looks of the video, it probably didn’t take a fraction of that cost to make something this memorable.

Companies could benefit greatly from creating timely prank videos and releasing them online. Not only are they a playful way to show off your brand, they’re also a fun way to explore your creative marketing skills, as well.

Here at Key West Video, we work with our clients to create long-lasting, memorable content for their audiences. For more information on the services we provide or the creative content we make, visit our website today!

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