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When Life Imitates Art: Re-enacting Scenes for Corporate Video

Sometimes life imitates the art. And for corporate videos, this can sometimes mean re-enacting memorable scenes from popular shows and film.

Re-enacting scenes from shows is a fun way to both capture your audience’s attention and show off the personality of your brand.

When Life Imitates Art: Re-enacting Scenes for Corporate Video
Photo credit: Edoardo Bonaccorsi via / CC BY-NC

By re-enacting memorable moments from popular shows and film, you give audiences a chance to experience the nostalgia with you.

Who could forget hits like The Office, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad? Absolutely no one. The cool thing about re-enactments is that they’re fun to watch, even if your audience isn’t familiar with the source material. They’re usually funny and serve as an obvious exaggeration of your brand. And most importantly, they pay homage to some of the content we hold dear to us. Functioning much like parodies or satire, they poke fun at popular moments in film or TV that once moved us.

But sometimes, re-enactments are made so that we can relive a moment that worked in a fictional word. Heinz Ketchup did this when it decided to use the ad campaign from popular AMC show, Mad Men. Through its re-enactment of the show’s protagonist Don Draper (creative director at functional ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) selling Heinz execs a new ad campaign, Heinz took it upon themselves to use this campaign in real life. And it worked.

When Life Imitates Art: Re-enacting Scenes for Corporate Video
Photo credit: fanz via / CC BY-NC-ND

In minimalist, 1950s-style poster boards, Heinz used images of barren foods with the caption “Pass the Heinz” written over it. These images sent the message that the foods that were typically consumed with ketchup needed Heinz with them in order to be complete.

The ad worked not just because of its obvious ode to the show; it also made a pretty compelling, minimalist ad in a time where most ad agencies inundate screens with a plethora of stills and moving images.

For those looking to pay homage to popular shows in corporate video, a re-enactment is even easier. All it takes is the right scene, actors, and dialogue to recreate easily-recognizable moments in media for your audience to understand.

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