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What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Science Fiction

Science fiction has taught us a lot over the years. What can corporate video learn from it?

For starters, science fiction has shaped our ideological mind.

What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Science Fiction
Photo credit: chiaralily via / CC BY-NC

Science fiction is one of the many areas that explores how far our minds can stretch. It challenges our imaginations with outlandish concepts (Aliens vs. Predators), conspiracy theories (X-Files), and superheroic characters (any Marvel or DC character). And yet, we still don’t give credit where credit is due.

Science fiction has taught us that we aren’t crazy for thinking big. As children, it stretched our minds to believe that space odysseys were possible in an alternate universe. It exercised our creative muscles. It motivated us to not only think outside of the box, but to think like there is none. It prompted us to grow artistically, creatively, and conceptually.

Many creative directors would agree that science fiction played large parts in their formative years. Apart from high concept films, TV shows, and books, science fiction taught us other valuable lessons. It taught us that nerds underdogs were worth listening to. It taught us that there might be creatures out there paying attention to our everyday patterns. But most of all, it taught us that science was cool.

What Corporate Videos Can Learn From Science Fiction
Photo credit: duncphotographer via / CC BY-NC

Apocalyptic worlds like Brave New Heart (and now even present-day The Walking Dead and Black Mirror) reveal our current state of society. They show us in our most basic form. The Walking Dead is a show about our survival instincts when we’re deprived and in constant danger. Black Mirror reveals the prophetic, self-inflicted societal wounds we created when we go too far with technology. Brave New Heart showed us what our world could be like when we mess with reproductive technology and sleeping patterns.

And they weren’t too far off.

Black Mirror aired an episode in which one could replay daily events using an ingrained contact lens. Not much later, Samsung rolled its first issue. And we’re already living in the show’s Nosedive episode.

Clearly, life is imitating art.

When it comes to corporate video, it wouldn’t hurt creative conceptualizers to think forward. By using our knowledge of existing technologies available to us, we can use science fiction to tell stories that reflect our current socio-political, cultural, economic, and environmental state of the world. We can ultimately dictate how we want messages to be conveyed. Depending on the corporation, companies have the power to shape narratives.

So lead the way in conceptualizing content, no matter how fiction the science is.

And if your company doesn’t change the way creative corporate videos are marketed and campaigned, who knows? It may just spark the mind that does.

Here at Key West Video, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinkers. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today.

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