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Corporate Video & Sports Metaphors

It’s National Bike to Work Day—did you take two wheels to the office this morning? Riding our bike more in the warmer weather got us thinking about how sports is closely tied to corporate video production. That’s not to say our job is like running a marathon, although some projects feel a bit that way by the time we cross the finish line. However, we do use a lot of sports metaphors and parallels in our videos.


Corporate Video & Sports Metaphors
Teamwork on three…

Perhaps the most obvious link between sports and business is the idea of teamwork. In any team sport, players have to work together to win. In any company with more than one employee, it takes teamwork to get the job done. We’re often asked to create videos that show how each department or team member contributes to the overall success of a business. Go team!

Planning and Strategy

Just like a basketball coach draws plays on a clipboard during a timeout, your manager has a project plan. Without planning and strategy, the NBA would be one big pick-up game and the project manager would be constantly bombarded with questions. When it comes to corporate videos, we always start with a planning session. It’s imperative that we sit down with clients and assess their needs so we can plan the kind of video that will work best to target their audience.

Corporate Video & Sports Metaphors
A project plan is like a game plan


Corporate Video & Sports Metaphors
Every team needs a leader

Does the boss ever come into the office and give a rousing speech about how even though you’re behind the eight ball, the team will go the extra mile to finish a project under the wire? Okay, maybe that’s a few too many sports references even for this blog. But it’s still important to have a skipper who motivates their workers and leads by example. In football, that’s the quarterback. In business, that person is the boss.

Traning & Performance

We’ve all heard the adage practice makes perfect. Athletes honed their skills by training their bodies. The rest of us honed our minds in programs and schools that taught us how to be professionals in our field. Whether you’re trying to achieve a faster tennis serve or learn a new piece of editing software, you have to work at it to be successful.


Make Your Video a Slam Dunk

At Key West Video, we know how to produce videos that speak to your target market. With or without using sports metaphors and imagery. Give us a call today for your free quote.

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