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At Key West Video, we offer a variety of studio rental services.

When it comes to choosing a production company with the studio rental services you need, we’ve got you covered.

The Different Types Of Studio Rental Services We Offer
Key West Video Studio

Here is a list of the specific studio rentals we provide:

Green Screen

Our studio has a white backdrop that can easily be converted into a green screen backdrop. Often used for chroma keying, green screen is a technique in which images or videos is overlayed onto the screen in post-production. When done correctly, a subject standing before (or “in”) the green screen should blend into an artificial background to make it seem like he or she is wherever the editor wants them to be. By removing the background, the subject can be placed virtually anywhere – in a luxurious castle, in the ocean, or in the sky. The possibilities are endless.

Video Production

Of course, our studio is equipped with all the essentials necessary for a video production. Our studio runs at about 480 square feet (20′ x 24′) with a 12-foot ceiling. Then Green Screen Cyclorama is 19′ wall x 12′ wall with a 2′ radius. There are 3 isolated 20 amp circuits for additional lighting. Our house lighting consists of 7 mounted Kino Flo 4Bank light fixtures at 3200k. It’s also soundproof for those wishing to shoot with sound. It is also temperature controlled and adjustable based on the lighting in the room.


Likewise, our studio rental services are extended to photography as well. Green screen is not limited to video, but can also include photographed images for photographers looking to book studio rental space for shoots. We also conduct corporate photography, such as headshots and portraits, as well. We also have a variety of manual backdrops and lighting, too!

Male Photography


Last, but certainly not least, we studio rental space for casting. A lot of casting directors look for spaces to cast talent. What better area than in an actual video production studio? Whether you’re a director or an aspiring actor, our studio rental space can be used for audition sessions, acting workshops, and much, much more!

For more information on our rental services, visit our website today!

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