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Should Your Corporate Video Marketing Campaigns Be Themed?

How important is it to have your video marketing campaign themed?

Well, depending on the scope of your campaign, a themed marketing strategy could make all the difference.

Themes, otherwise known as the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, or one’s thoughts, usually send a particular message.

They explore areas or topics of conversation that pose questions or explore ideas. The message usually ventures into beliefs that we as a society hold dear and either enhance or challenge our perception.

By the end of the piece, we are left better informed, and emotionally, mentally, and sometimes even spiritually fed.

And in the corporate video world, it is no different.

Now, we’ve spoken about the presence and importance of themes in individual corporate videos in the past. 

But what about corporate video marketing strategies? Should your online video campaign or project be themed? And if so, how can you go about solidifying this?

Should Your Corporate Video Marketing Campaigns Be Themed?
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One thing is identifying what kind of impact you want your campaign to have? Is it solely to generate sales? Is it to spark a conversation about social change? Do you want to start a movement? Or do you simply want to create a memorable body of work to etch your brand in your audience’s mind?

Creating a themed video marketing campaign allows you to better structure your content strategy. Say, for example, you’ve chosen to focus on an issue such as body image or self-esteem.

self esteem

One good way to line up a solid themed campaign is to focus on one area related to your overall topic. By strategizing this way, you’re able to release multiple videos that speak to that overall message. Each video can explore a different way in which your product or service is necessary for that particular issue or topic. It can even tackle the issue in a social context by using social media (hashtags) to spread the word about your themed message.

It’s up to you to decide how often you’d like to release videos for public consumption.

Here at Key West Video, we work with our clients to generate the best content relevant to their brands. For more information about the services we provide, visit our website today!

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