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How A Thesaurus Can Save Your Corporate Video

Don’t underestimate the power of a thesaurus.

As many of us already know, a thesaurus is a book (or online publication) that lists words in groups of synonyms or related concepts.

It usually is used to replace words or offer up other options. In the academic world, a thesaurus is instrumental when trying to diversify one’s vocabulary or literary assignments.

How A Thesaurus Can Save Your Corporate Video
Photo credit: Mary(n_n)West via / CC BY-ND

In the creative world, it can be exceptionally helpful when creating a creative vision. Thesauruses can be helpful in the brainstorming process; they offer similar words related to a word or idea. Think of bubble charts: how many elements of a single idea can you and your team come up with before the page is full? It can help broaden the spectrum of ideas with your creative team.

These types of books are also helpful when it comes to the actual visual process. Some companies have gotten into the habit of using choice words in their videos. Apple, for example, is one company that uses buzzwords to get its message across.

Using text in a video is a stylistic choice. It offers a clean, chic aesthetic usually in a modern, open space. It gives the audience a clear understanding of not only what is happening in the video, but also what your intended message is. Sometimes visuals can be mysterious or unclear; words solidify a company’s message so there’s no room for misinterpretation.

As to not get repetitive, thesauruses can add more weight to a message. They are able to diversify an overall message by using multiple words that support an informative theme, tone, or vibe. In essence, they give more nuance to a video advertising, commercial, informational tutorial, explainer video, and even sometimes music videos.

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