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In our multicultural society, understanding #language and #culture are integral to reaching wide audiences. In Canada, most national companies demonstrate their outreach by appealing to both English and French audiences.

However, as our diversity expands, it’s become more clear that companies need to cater to bigger audiences. This, of course, cannot be done without speaking their language.

#Subtitling is an excellent way to expand your audience within your #corporate #video. After your #footage is shot and a rough #edit is cut, a good #translation #team is critical to putting together key elements for your #editor to work with. At this stage, a translator will be able to create a #chart to lay over #text, so the editor will be able to match each word sentence by sentence. It’s important to note that while you don’t necessarily need your editor to understand the language, it would be beneficial to have a translation partner present. The editor will put in sub-titles over the original language in accordance with the timing of the video. This is probably the most #cost-effective way to use multiple languages.

Sometimes, this backfires. MadTV’s Bobby Lee made the perfect parody of when subtitling timing is done incorrectly.

Another great way to incorporate language is through #voice #dubbing. By adding additional #voiceover over an existing #script, it is easy to add in other languages. This is especially easy when using b-roll with no on-camera #talent. This way, the #voice #actor can simply read their lines in the preferred language and lay it over the footage.

Voice dubbing becomes tricky when there is on-air talent. Dubs then become dependent on the actor, and require more precision from the editor. One cost-effective way to do this is through a process called time syncing. This is the process in which an editor takes the pre-recorded track and syncs the audio with the on-camera action. While it doesn’t make for a perfect frame-by-frame dub, it does get the job done when attention to specifics aren’t necessary.

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Another more popular method of voice dubbing we’re familiar with is a process called lip-syncing. For this, the #voiceover actor must come into the #studio to #record in another language while watching the original clip. This is to ensure that a clean, specific dub is done to match the facial expressions and lip movements of the original actor.

Here at Key West Video, we offer a variety of speciality services including transcriptions, translating, closed captioning, and of course subtitling and voice dubbing. Contact us for a quote today!

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