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This week’s video blog discusses making use of your location to provide context for your audience.

Setting is an incredibly important element within your corporate video production. As of late, a great deal of corporate interviews and testimonials tend to be shot in front of a solid white background. This type of setting can be particularly useful in providing the viewer with a clean, unpolarized view of your company or brand. With that being said, there are a variety of advantages to shooting your video in a practical location. Using a relevant location for your corporate video presents your prospective client with a window into your company’s world. A practical setting allows you the opportunity to advertise your facilities, thereby making your company more tangible to the viewer.

When an interview is set in a relevant location, it not only lends credibility to the speaker, but also allows us, as a production company, to take advantage of the space and employ more dynamic photographic techniques. Next time you are thinking about shooting a corporate interview, consider an interesting and relevant #location to enhance your video and provide context to your audience.

Keywest Video Blog: Making Use of Your Location
Keywest Video Blog: Making Use of Your Location

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