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Music can greatly enhance your next corporate video. Not only does music set the tone for your video, it can also affect your viewers’ perception. Consider the following tips when adding music to your video.

Think about the content of your video.

Be sure that you completely understand the content of your video so that the music you add can positively affect its pacing and style. You’ll want your track to complement your video, rather than overshadow it, or even be overshadowed by it.

What emotions are you trying to evoke?

Identifying the content will help you determine the emotions that you are trying to convey within the video. Music is key when it comes to shaping the tone and emotion in your video so it is important that you know exactly what emotions you want your audience to feel. For instance, consider upbeat and fast-paced track for happier and more energetic videos. Once you know what emotions you’re interested in evoking, you’re one step closer to choose your music.

Do you own the music?

It is incredibly important to ensure that you have the rights to whatever track you choose to include in your video. If you don’t own it, it’s best not to use it. There are plenty of royalty-free music websites out there – take advantage of them. Or if you’re musically inclined, compose your own soundtrack!

Quality, quality, quality.

Don’t let the downfall of your video be your soundtrack. Make sure that you’re using top quality audio and that it is edited in properly. There’s nothing worse than having a soundtrack that is too loud or too quiet.

We’re all familiar (be it consciously, or unconsciously) with the fact that music can shape your audience’s experience with your video. Keep these tips in mind when adding video to your next corporate video. Need help? Contact Key West Today.

And if you’re using a voice over, please don’t let this happen to you…

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