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With the explosion of video online and on social media, it is now more important then ever to standout in the crowd. Your branding and your message are key to successfully turning online leads into conversions. As a professional corporate video production company, our job is to work with you to make you look great, and to tell your corporate story through the power of corporate video.

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Promotional Video Production

Key West Video’s promotional video production crew can help you produce a creative and exciting corporate video that delves into what your company is about, who it caters to, and where it’s going. Grab your online audience’s attention, and convert them into leads!

Corporate Address

Whether a CEO message to internal staff or a public facing address, the crew at Key West Video will do everything to make you look great. We’ve got make-up artists to spruce you up and Teleprompters to help with lines. If you’re on the go, book our video production studio, where you can be in and out in a flash!

Small Business

Have a small business but not a large budget for a video production? Key West Video always tries to work within our client’s budgetary needs. Small business video production doesn’t have to hurt your wallet. We care about the little guy, and want to help showcase your business with a great video!

Human Resources & Recruitment

As you know, video is a very powerful training and recruiting tool… if done right. Get the creative and technical experience to help you make great videos that inspire and inform. We guarantee it!

Non-Profit Organizations

We work with companies big and small. Non-profit organizations have proven to be some of our favourites. With a passion for helping our clients, we always look for value-added services and ways to reduce costs.

Video Blog

Looking to connect with your audience? Why not create a video blog? We can shoot dynamic video blogs or web series for you to share with your clients, or to grow your following on YouTube and social media. To grow your audience, always remember it’s very important to release your video blog on a regular and consistent schedule. Key West Video has special in studio packages for your next web series.
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Corporate Address
Small Business
Human Resources
Non-Profit Organizations
Video Blogs

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