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Testimonial video production and interviews are a key component in most corporate videos. That is why we have filmed so many of them, and have the best techniques to make each one we shoot look great, while telling the right story. With a Key West Video testimonial or interview, you’ll have nothing to think about other than how you’ll deal with all of the attention!

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Let your best customers talk to your future customers. Powerful and professional testimonial video production is key to the new world of promoting video through social media. Your clients have come to love your products and services, and letting them tell the world is the best way to promote your brand. Hearing from a satisfied customer directly can have an important emotional impact on the way future customers will view you and your company. No other form of interaction has a stronger effect. Testimonial video production is the key to promoting your company and brand.


An interview can consist of virtually any content and have any desired look and feel. It can be edited together with graphics and animation, or it can have b-roll, photos, or stock footage laid over it. The possibilities are truly endless. You can film an interview standing up, sitting down, or even walking and talking. Give us your opinions, ask us ours, or leave the final decision up to us – we’re flexible. In the end, we want to give you the right lighting and framing to make every interview subject we film look their best. So let us film your next interview and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


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