Why You Need a Corporate History Video

corporate history video


We are not makers of history. We are made by history.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

A company history video may seem like a self-indulgent project, but there are plenty of valid reasons to delve into the past and explore company roots.

Celebrate Company Origins

Why You Need a Corporate History Video
Celebrate a company milestone with a look back

One of the more obvious uses for a historical corporate video is to celebrate an anniversary. Has your company been around for fifty years? Or maybe one hundred? Using a video as the literal focal point for a celebration is a great way to bring employees together and take a moment to reflect on the corporate pathway.

A look back is a chance to enforce branding. Explore the origins of your company name or what compelled the founder to start the business. A video can dive into the character of your business and reinforce why you do what you do.

Internal Use

Inspire and motivate your employees with a trip down memory lane. Make them feel like they’re part of the story and they’ll be more likely to take ownership. Newer employees or those working for a long-standing business may not even realize the history and will appreciate learning. This kind of video can be a bonding and unifying experience for your group.

Why You Need a Corporate History Video
Share company history to inspire and motivate employees

Use the video to explore the culture and values of an organization. Are the founder’s original values still reflected in the company today? History shapes culture and this will likely be evident in a look through the past.

Change is a good time to take stock and make a video. A buyout or expansion can make people nervous, but a video can be used to quell fears. The business has probably evolved over the years, but it’s survived.  Show your employees how you’ve adapted and come out the other side.

External Use

A historical corporate video gives your business gravitas, showing relatability and instilling customer confidence. There’s a reason many businesses display an established date on their facade or marketing materials. Having a past shows you have staying power and can grow with the changing market.

Why You Need a Corporate History Video
Many businesses celebrate their history with an established date

Make a personal connection with your audience by telling your story.  Use your company voice to showcase your values. You’re not selling anything, but you are reinforcing your brand. This is your chance to make the customer feel good about using your services.

Post It

Wherever you initially use your video timeline, make sure to give it a home on your website. An About Us page is a great landing spot for a video that explores company history. Keep in mind that you want to make the company look good, but you don’t need to be boastful. People will appreciate a story that feels real. If you’re ready to explore the past, give Key West Video a call and let’s talk about preserving your history with a corporate video.

Video Loops are the Perfect Multitaskers

video loops

Video loops can be an hour long, like something that might play in a hotel lobby. A video loop can also run just a few seconds, like a GIF. The kind of video loop we’re talking about today lies somewhere in the middle and can work wonders for your business.

Video Loops are Great for…

If you have an upcoming trade show, expo, job fair, or event that places you in the middle of many similar vendors, video can make your booth stand out. Walking the floor of a convention centre can be exhausting and all the booths start to look alike—until you encounter a business that’s using video. We’ll talk more about what should be on your video soon, but just the fact that you have video to support your product or business is already a plus for potential customers.

Video Loops are the Perfect Multitaskers
Stand out at a trade show or convention with an eye-catching video

A video can fill many different roles. Think of it as an extra salesperson that gives you time to finish a conversation with one customer while the next one waits. Instead of growing frustrated and leaving, the person waiting could be watching your video and learning about your business. A video can also be an icebreaker that draws in the timid or unsure, and it will absolutely draw people in when right.

The Best Loops

If you want people to come to your booth, get their attention. Make your video eye-catching and outstanding in a crowded arena. Be visible from three rows over to pull the customers in. You don’t need something that’s flashing like mad or blasting music, but your screen should have some sort of visual interest that will stand out in a crowd.

Once you have someone’s attention, make the most of your time. Show your product in action, making the customer imagine themselves using it. This applies to all kinds of wares, whether it’s a scarf that can be tied ten different ways or a car jack that also functions as a step stool.

Video Loops are the Perfect Multitaskers
Key West video uses a loop at trade shows

If you have a service, show examples of your work. When Key West Video goes to trade shows, we run our demo reel showcasing a variety of projects. Anyone who comes to our booth will see that we provide services for headshots to live action to animation. It’s our calling card that works even if the sound is off.

Made You Look!

When you’re producing a video, use a branded color scheme. You want the visuals to mimic what a customer will see in a pamphlet or on your website. Feature your logo and create a connection between what’s being seen and who you are.

Use text to reinforce what’s happening on-screen. Many trade shows are loud and you’ll be competing with the noise of the crowd and other vendors. It’s a good idea to create a video that works without sound by using a combination of text and visuals to tell the story of your business or product.

Create a video that’s easy to follow. Quickly present a problem and then the solution provided by your product. Repeat this formula in several scenarios so the customer can jump in at any time and easily pick up the message.

Video Loops are the Perfect Multitaskers
Make sure your video loop includes contact information

Finally, be sure to include your contact information. This could be a phone number and web address that remains in the bottom corner throughout the video. Reinforce how to get in touch with a full screen of expanded information at the end of the video.

Loop This

Here are some more ideas for loops to boost your business:

  • Top 10 loop—what are the top 10 uses of your product?
  • Little known facts about your product or company
  • Build something with your product or service. Use time-lapse to speed up the process.
  • Use slow motion to show off beautiful product shots.

We’re Loopy for Loops

Call Key West Video today for information on how we can create a loop for you and lasso some new business.

Luck of the Irish—Marketing for any Holiday

holiday marketing

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness come through your door.

-Irish Blessing

They say everybody’s Irish on March 17. If that’s true, tomorrow is a day to celebrate! But this blog is about more than just St. Patrick’s Day. It’s an exploration of how using holiday marketing themes is a great way to attract new customers and provide incentives for repeat business.

Marketing 101

Holidays are a great excuse for a sale. Obviously, December is a time when consumers are out in droves and Christmas is a targetted selling time for most retailers. Other major holidays bring more sales. Store flyers abound from Thanksgiving to Mother’s Day to Canada Day.

Luck of the Irish—Marketing for any Holiday
Pick a holiday that works to promote your business

It makes sense to use a holiday for marketing. Almost any business can connect their product or service to one of the major observances—flowers are on sale at the supermarket on Secretary’s Day. Alternately, an office supply store could have a Victoria Day sale with no further explanation needed. We’d like to see a business make a cheeky generic sales video and insert various holiday names throughout the year.

Find Your Special Day

There are national holidays, days and months to celebrate just about anything and everything. Pick one that relates to your business and use it to your advantage. Here are some examples:

Luck of the Irish—Marketing for any Holiday
A day dedicated to java is ideal for a coffee shop promotion
  • International Coffee Day and Espresso Day for coffee shops
  • Cat Day, Turtle Day and Pet Day for pet stores
  • Restaurants could celebrate almost daily from No Dirty Dishes Day in May to Fast Food Day in November
  • Client’s Day works for everyone with a customer base

You could also try choosing an obscure day as a way to differentiate yourself and maybe make someone smile. Why not hand out treats on Ice Cream Sandwich Day (August 2) at your business? We’d show up somewhere and listen to a pitch if ice cream was part of the deal!

Hashtag Holiday

Luck of the Irish—Marketing for any Holiday
Hashtag your holiday posts to promote business

Whatever holidays you’re observing this year, recognize the event on social media. Post pictures of employees wearing themed shirts or hats. Show the office decorated for the occasion. Promote your business by using hashtags that are holiday-specific and drive searches to your website.

World Television Day

At Key West Video, we like to celebrate as often as possible. Whether it’s World Television Day (November 21), Community Media Day (October 20) or just Wednesday, we’re here to help you make the most of your business through video. Call us today for a free quote.

Include FAQ for Better Business

Answering the Call of FAQ

The internet is great at answering questions. It’s the reason you can type the beginning of a search and Google offers suggestions or predictions for the rest—you’re not the first to ask. Along the same lines, providing an FAQ will do wonders for your business.

Why it’s Good Practice to Answer FAQ

There is a long list of reasons to include an FAQ in your business plan. One of the most important has to do with sales. The right questions and answers can lead to more business. Educating your potential customers gives them the confidence to buy or use your product.

Include FAQ for Better Business
Answering FAQ helps both the customers and your employees

Making the effort to create a space for FAQ is well worth the effort. It shows that you value your customers and have taken the time to consider their questions and explain your product. Answering FAQ also shows that you value your employees. Instead of wasting work time answering the same queries repeatedly, an FAQ list can address the questions.

What to Include

Here are some ideas on what to include when it comes to FAQ:

  • What questions do customers most often ask? If a new question starts popping up, make sure you update the list.
  • What do you want every customer to know?
  • What are most customers surprised to hear about your business or product?
  • Be both specific, and general. Answer the question asked, but also take the opportunity to cover a little extra related information.
  • Start your list with the most popular questions. You could also divide FAQ into categories or create dedicated FAQ pages for different products.

FAQ Video

An FAQ video is great if you’re answering questions about a product.  A video allows you to both show and tell. If you’re getting a lot of questions about how to assemble your product or how to use it under certain conditions, providing visuals could save your customer from further frustration. A video can also be replayed or paused so the customer can see or review exactly what you’re saying and doing.

Include FAQ for Better Business
Answering a customer question on-camera helps you connect with clients

An FAQ video gives you a chance to really connect with existing customers and attract new customers. Try reading out FAQs you’ve received, mentioning customer names. Have a conversation with that person while also addressing everyone else with the same issue. This presents your business as customer-focused, which is never a bad thing. It’s also a chance to get various employees on-camera and show some of your company’s personality.

An FAQ video is a natural way to provide information on your product without resorting to a sales pitch. Instead of approaching the customer in an aggressive way and asking them to buy your product or service, you’re helping them by providing information they’ve requested. The customer has opened the door, so make the most of your time while you have their attention. Having said that, try to keep answers relatively short and don’t stray off topic. Make your response relevant to the question, even if it provides some extra information.


Include FAQ for Better Business
SEO gets a boost from video content

An FAQ page is an excellent place to include keywords, allowing your website to rank higher in searches. It’s also content, which satisfies the same purpose. Consider an FAQ a gimme on so many levels—it helps you, helps your employees and helps your customers. If you’d like to further boost your SEO,  consider creating an Infrequently Asked Questions format. This list could either be composed of questions customers hadn’t thought to ask, or more obscure information that’s still interesting.


Make sure you include contact information to go along with your FAQs. Let the customer know how they can get in touch, buy your product or learn more. Key West Video has an FAQ page with all sorts of information. But if you don’t find an answer to your question, give us a call directly. See what we did there?

The Cost of Corporate Video

Corporate Video Cost

Is the cost of corporate video worth what you’ll get out of it? Yes! But I understand you may consider our opinion biased, so here are some indisputable facts to support corporate video.

Just the Facts

The Cost of Corporate Video
Social media loves video!

A video is seven times more likely to get shared than a link on Facebook.  You heard us right. Seven. Times. Let followers spread the word about your phenomenal business by sharing what you post. Whether it’s a video about branding, an explainer or a client testimonial, the more views, the better.

Video boosts SEO. If you want your website to rank better in searches, make sure you have some video content. CTR  increases on a site that includes video. This type of content is more engaging for visitors, which means they stay longer and, as mentioned above, they share what they’ve seen. Place a video on your landing page and you may double client conversion rate.

Make Money, Save Money

Making video part of your marketing strategy enables you to both make and save money.  Use a video to promote a product or service through a demo or presentation. Announce the release of a new product by sending a link to your mailing list or by placing the video front-and-centre on your landing page. Make a video loop to use at a trade show; this can act as an extra salesperson when you’re busy, attract attention and give valuable information.

The Cost of Corporate Video
Save time and money with a corporate video

Using video as an internal-facing tool can make a difference when it comes to the bottom line. Record a training or safety video and create a resource that can be viewed and reviewed by countless employees. Impart vital company information with a recorded message and avoid costly travel. Get your workers, no matter where they are, up to speed on the latest products with video demonstrations. Use video in place of in-person lectures, presentations and meetings and send the link to employees wherever they work.

When the end of your fiscal year arrives, claim video as a tax write-off. A project could be categorized as an expense or a professional fee. Talk to your accountant about the possibilities of how video can pay for itself.

Make Your Move

In short, it’s worth the money to make a corporate video. You’ll recoup the cost of production in a variety of ways, as discussed in this blog. If you’re ready to talk next steps, give us a call at Key West Video.