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Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), better known as aerial drones, have become a familiar subject and sight over the past few years. They’re used for everything from deliveries to medical assistance to firefighting. UAVs are truly incredible and versatile, but we’ll be sticking to their use in corporate video for this blog. Which leaves us plenty of ground—and air—to cover.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s so Much More!

aerial drones
Aerial Drones can be used for more than just aerial shots

Let’s start with the obvious: drones produce great aerial footage. You can use one to get a group shot at a party or show off all the space in your warehouse. A long pull out, or a long zoom in, can be used for a reveal. Drone shots are great for perspective because they put whatever you’re shooting in context. But did you know that drones can be used for hand-held footage? Yep. Those fancy stabilizers that keep a flying shot steady can also work like a Steadicam. You may think it looks a little ridiculous, but the proof is in the pudding.

Aerial Drone Shot Breakdown

The uses for drones are limited only by the DOP’s imagination. Well, also by area restrictions, but more on that below. However, there are some typical drone shots that show up repeatedly because they work.

  • Fly-by. Aerial Drone flies past something in the foreground or through something.
  • Follow. The UAV follows a car, person or another object.
  • Gentle rise. The aerial drone flies straight up to reveal a location or give context to the size of something, big or small.
  • Lateral. The UAV keeps a steady pace, moving across a shot at a level range.
  • Look down. Drone shot locks the frame and flies, with the camera pointing straight down. This move is good for establishing shots.
  •  Neverending crane. The UAV crane shot that just keeps going up, up and away!
  • Super High. Self-explanatory. Great perspective.


You can’t fly a drone everywhere

Keep in mind that aerial drones are a little like a flying lawnmower or blender. That means you need to stay away from crowds and make sure everyone in the area is aware of the UAV. Also respect privacy (no spying on the local celeb), stay away from airfields and fly only in the height range allowed for your drone type and application. We could go on, but it’s best to just look here for all the rules of flying a drone responsibly.

We Like to Fly

Key West Video has shot plenty of aerial footage. If you’re looking for a video that helps your business soar, give us a call today.

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