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Aerial videography is quickly becoming a more widespread technique used in many mainstream videos both in and out of the corporate video world.

Aerial videography and imagery have always been intriguing to the eye for as long as we’ve had access to cameras and tall buildings.

Aerial Videography for your Corporate Video
Aerial Videography for your Corporate Video

#AerialVideography has often been considered a bit of a luxury in the video world as it required #helicopter rentals, and expensive #stabilizers, and not to mention an extremely experienced (and sometimes fearless) videographer. These elements would end up putting quite a dent in the production #budget… all for what would be small fraction of beautiful footage within a much larger production. As a result, many smaller-budget projects would shy away from the use of #aerial #videography, thereby missing out on its aesthetic benefits and the immense #ProductionValue that it had to offer.

Nowadays, aerial videography is slowly becoming commonplace thanks to the affordable remote controlled helicopters and drones that are available to the everyday consumer. For example, #DJI has a Phantom #MultiRotor that’s perfect for the everyday consumer and is equipped to hold your #GoPro and capture amazing #AerialImagery without breaking the bank.

Aerial videography can be an excellent asset to your #CorporateVideoProduction since it can add a great deal of #ProductionValue to your video with just a few seconds of video. Aerial video allows you to capture imagery that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access without the help of a helicopter (and of course a large budget). When it comes to corporate video, aerial footage can be useful for showcasing a company’s facilities, signage, locations, etc. In addition, it can also be a useful tool for adding a creative flair to otherwise stagnant, or “boring” shots. Most importantly, aerial footage can add an element of professionalism and uniqueness to your video.

Are you looking to spice up your #CorporateVideo? Perhaps showcase some #AerialFootage of your company’s signage or premises? Keywest recently acquired a DJI Phantom – contact us today!

…Of course, if you aren’t willing to spend some cash on a remote-controlled helicopter… you could always strap a GoPro to an eagle and see how that goes!

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