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Why Artificial Intelligence Can Never Affect Corporate Video

Remember when Artificial Intelligence (otherwise known as AI) was something we thought was only possible in Hollywood film?

Well, buckle up, because Artificial Intelligence just might be here to stay.

We knew this was coming. Science fiction films have been warning us for decades. Now, it’s time they came to fruition. We’ve all read the many articles about embracing the fact that artificial intelligence is replacing jobs; but can it replace creativity?

Many would say no.

In fact, creativity might be the one area to stay dominated by us mortals. When it comes to creative companies such as ad agencies or video production companies, we can outsource non-creative tasks such as production schedules, top sheets/budgets, and accounting, for example.

But when it comes to the creative process, it’s a different story. Many have resorted to calling Artificial intelligence, or AI, ‘augmented’ intelligence. This means that AI is used to supplement human tasks. If you really think about it, A.I. can benefit the creative process by focusing on the administrative tasks while content creators and creative directors can focus on the art.

When it comes to corporate video, most videos rely heavily on the company’s creative direction and the video production company’s vision to achieve it. A.I. can be used to speed up the production process. Specifically, this means that after a creative vision has been set in place, A.I. can be used to log the specifics: timelines, budget, and technical requirements etc.

Since Artificial Intelligence is rigid and pre-programmed, it can’t be creative. It relies on human intelligence to tell it what to do.

Essentially, creative jobs will always be necessary.

Here at Key West Video, we strive to create the best, most creative videos for our clients. For more information about the specific services we provide, visit our website today!

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