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At Key West Video, we have clients approach us to make videos every day, and as soon as they confirm the project, the first thing we ask for is their branding guidelines. Branding guidelines help keep every piece of marketing you put out, stay consistent.


Your logo is the most important part of your brand. A logo is capable of communicating your brands values style and is the first thing potential leads remember.


Your logo can be typography on its own. However, the types of fonts you use can say a lot about your brand as well. Are you using more cursive fonts or corporate block fonts? Are you using a font, that’s a little outside the box?

typography branding guidelines
Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay

Typography can be broken down into typefaces (which refers to the font family and is broken down into the bold, light, italic, etc.) and fonts (which is the specific font in a typeface)

Typography may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to your branding, it can impact your customers’ interpretation of the company. In video production, typography plays a huge role when we’re editing lower third and making animations!


It’s no secret that colour plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Colour is proven to impact our moods and change our perception of a space. If it can do this to a room, what’s to say it can’t do that with your company brand.

Let’s Take McDonald’s as an Example

Let’s take a look at a fast-food chain most of us have at least tried—McDonald’s. The McDonald’s logo applies the concepts of typography and colour together seamlessly to create a huge brand awareness generator.

The yellow arches, when applying colour theory, evoke a sense of happiness in the customer. The typography, which resembles arches, makes the customer feel like they’re stepping into something magnificent.

Putting it all together

Combine your logo, color palette, and typography into one document and voila! You have your branding guidelines. Extras that you can include are to define your voice/tone. You can add symbols and graphics that you commonly use. Your options are endless, but hopefully, these few points will help you get started!

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